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  • ntack5 ntack5 Jan 6, 2009 8:15 PM Flag

    pull back soon overbought

    Stockcommentator, I've read your meaningless dribble on this board. Shame on me for even bothering. You make no valid points, seem to be driven on pure emotion, and have no clue what you are doing. May I recommend a mutual fund? Forget about stocks. You're an idiot. I felt obligated to tell you. It's best that you know. The truth hurts, but as a total waste of oxygen, why don't you go back to cleaning the toilets at Walmart and leave your moron opinions to yourself. On behalf of the rest of the planet, I hope you are steril.

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    • ntack5
      Were you kept in a cage as a child? How could somebody's prediction of a drop in price provoke such an uncivilized reaction. You should seek help. BTW I hope it drops to $30/share so I can buy more, but I don't think it will happen.

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      • May I suggest a finance class for you and your boyfriend? He posted some dribble about debt to cash. What the hell kind of measure if that? Take a look at their Quick Ratio. It's less than 1. The current ratio is 1. Do you know what these ratios even mean? The debt to equity is 1.25 and the ROC is a respectible 6.3%, but averages 7% over the last 5-years. Net income is growing at 36% over the last 5-years.

        I'm sorry that you both missed out on higher education. But if you think that College is expensive, try ignorance.

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