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  • Hey Liz

    Any thoughts on when PAA will do a stock offering? I think the last one was on 3/6/12. I'm looking for a reenty point . I was able to catch the recent one with EPD. thanks jim

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    • I just finished reading Credit Suisse's report on PAA. Upped price target to $60 and they say that mgmt said NO stock offerings in 2013.... they have $2.4B in liquidity which is more than enough and they can draw into monies from the last offering in SEP and have no new need to raise in 2013.

      PAA is the cream of MLPs now..... EPD is great and I own it but PAA is delivering 9-10% annual distribution growth versus EPD's 5-6%. I own both because I want MLPs with tons of organic growth, plenty of dcf coverage for a time when interest rates go higher so they can maintain higher levels of distribtution growth.

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      • Hey thanks bj
        I sold out paa just before ex div as I thoght it would retract as in the past. I've made good gains on this one and should have known that the market was picking up in general. I did buy epd on the morning of the offering and made a 4k gain and resold and am totally out of the market. In the past I've had a position in both and need to buy back in. I feel at this point I need to wait a bit for a little down turn but not to long as I feel that these two companies are some of the best investments out there.

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