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  • avdaugust avdaugust Jan 20, 2008 11:42 AM Flag

    Jim Smith's award of stock

    No system is perfect. WBS is one of those that in corporate

    america rewards management regardless of performance. How

    can one put a value on how a company should reward any

    officer. They don't reward all the employees only

    themselves. they don't reward the stockholders rather, they

    deliute the VALUE OF THE COMPANY BY REWARDING themself

    with their GREED. GREED. GREED. the investors lose value

    because of poor management and GREED. GREED. GREED.

    I was a former banker for more than 25 years as a junior

    officer. The loans they have invested in our way out of

    my learning as a loan officer. If I submited a loan of

    with the qualifications for approval, I would have been

    fired or terminnated.

    Their GREED. GREED. GREED. for performance has now allowd

    them to be rewared stock options regardless of THEIR

    performance. My investment as a stockholders continues too

    lose value because of their BAD judgement. GREED. GREED.


    These shares should be revoked and their salaries reduced

    to reflect this poor performance. They like the loan

    officers should be removed or fired. what comes around

    goes around.

    They have been intrusted our investment to long and should

    be removed. They have lost our trust in them.

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    • The options weren�t all new:

      44,000 optioned shares, with an exercise price of $31.75 granted on 12/15/2000, expired on 12/15/2007;

      And were replaced with 106,199 shares, expiring on 12/18/2017, with a expps of $32.03.

      So, all 106,199 optioned shares are not new grants, just 62,199 shares.

      Does that make you feel better?

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