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  • rainforest982000 rainforest982000 Dec 18, 2004 6:26 PM Flag


    ANK just keeps on earning more each year, and just raised their dividend from a dollar to 1.10 (10% raise).
    -Bought at a little over 10, when dividend was 58 cents- Not a bad total return in 4 years.
    -And there is more to go with this little stock.

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    • Agreed! This has been a sweet, little stock. Just wish I had more shares. When I think it is approaching a reasonable sell point relative to other opportunities, it kicks the can down the road, such as the current dividend raise.

      Rainforest, Have you any current buy recommendations? Three microcaps I currently like are AIH, CVU, and UUU. I, also, added to my position in FNF, $10 special dividend coming in the first quarter, and priced at roughly 50% of my estimate of its intrinsic value. Still like CPN as a multibagger in the next 3 years.

      best wishes,


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      • -Haven't looked at your stocks yet; but will.

        Yes, ANK has been a sweet stock; but I think it is still cheaper than the average domestic utility. -Bought a few years ago at 10.04.

        Yes I have several suggestions; but only if you are a long term holder.

        1) FF- best of the closed end funds, and I don't know of any mutual fund that has done as well over the last 10-15 years.-But it does sell about about a 5% premium to NAV.

        2)GAM- one very good large cap closed end fund, that has about a 14% gain per year over a very long period of time.-Good- just not as good as FF; but one of the best large cap funds.-Sells at about an 11% discount to NAV. This closed end fund has very stable management-management is replaced only about every 25 years or so, and has had very good very long term performance.

        3)Don't know if you like turnarounds- but I like LARGE CAP, PRIMARY STOCKS . Some think that there is less risks in large cap, primary stocks, than smaller turnarounds. I own and still recommend these primary turnarounds- EP, GT, ILA, RAD, WIN and CQB. If you would like to buy just 3, I think I would recommend EP, ILA and maybe GT.

        4)I own some foreign stocks in addition to ANK, which I think are cheap enough to buy-
        PBR is a very large Brazilian refiner and natural resource company, is up over 50% from my purchase price; but still looks reasonable in price.

        -Two Russian companies-TRF is another closed end fund that has done very much over the last 5 years or so- symbol- TRF- done almost as well in the last 5 years as FF. If you are chicken about Russian companies-think the Russian market is cheap; but afraid of individual stocks, this might be a good bet.-But TRF trades at about a 6% premium to NAV.

        TNT- very cheap Russian oil producer- trades as an ADR on the NYSE. -Very low PE.

        2 other foreign companies whose stock I own, and still think are cheap- TMX -Telmex is a reasonably priced company paying a good dividend, and TLK- an Indonesian telecommunication company is also cheap enough to buy.

        Goldkist-GKIS- was recently an IPO at 11- bought some, and recently bought again-actually today at 12.82.
        This is maybe more risky than some of the others; but it still looks reasonable in price.

        -Own over 30 stocks, and a lot are reasonable in price; but don't want to give you too many.
        -Disclosure- Own all the stocks that I recommend, and with the exception of WIN, all are profitable.
        -Above all, do your DD.

        WM- Largest thrift with about a 13.5/1 PE on depressed earnings. WM has not done well this year; but this could be consided to be another potential turnaround. It had very good earnings increases before this year, I think it will do better. If it does turn it's earnings around, I think it's a 60 dollar stock over the next couple of years.-Bought at 35.48- making a little money with WM; but WM is one of the cheapest thrifts.
        -Good luck.