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  • HardlyKidding HardlyKidding Jul 4, 1999 11:58 AM Flag

    Anyone who has owned this BOW WOW

    For the last six months is an have
    been doing alot of talking while the stock has
    Slammer...MONSKI ....You DODO BIRD...Shoot I think Im gunna get me
    a beer an kik back an watch dem Crimson Tide get
    dere holes opened wide...Like dis dogmeet stock..

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    • I assume it would be wired directly into the
      customer's bank account. The PRA business is based on
      checking accounts. In any event, that's what the other
      internet lenders are doing. I think that the Western Union
      idea has some merit. Take for example if a customer
      takes out a loan and they are given a list of the
      closest offices where they can pick up their money, and
      that list of offices would be of course owned by the
      company who provided the loan in the first place. They
      will pay a $ amount for the loan and a seperate $
      amount for the Western Union service. Interesting, huh?
      I am pretty sure there has to be some regulation in
      place to prevent that....thought provoking in any case.

    • Firstcashlong - I'm not sure how people would get
      the money - would it be available via Western Union
      Wire, or at a local bank? If they had a checking
      account (many people may not) it could be deposited into
      their account. Actually, there are times I could have
      used this to have my pay come in a week early. The
      more I think about it, the better I like it. This
      service may expand the traditional Pawn Shop customer

    • you're exactly right. Management at FCFS seems to
      be willing to pursue profitable opportunities
      outside of the pawn business. IMO, the most exciting of
      these are the internet sales, payday advances, and
      Mexico. Something you may not have thought of would be
      putting PRA loans in pawn stores, which as my previous
      posts suggest could be extremely profitable. Here's
      another one: don't stop with internet merchandise sales.
      I believe they could do the payday advance loans on
      the internet as well. I found a couple of other sites
      doing this now, but no advertising. This is the type of
      venture that could be incredibly profitable, and very
      interesting to investors. Could you imagine getting a
      multiple on FCFS earnings in the neighborhood of an EBAY
      or AMZN. You could really, legitimately be talking
      about a $50 or $100 stock price.

    • stock for its future potential. read some of my
      previous posts explaining the future potential of this

      PRA loans in pawnshops

      FCFS is the first
      major, public chain in any of these areas, which I think
      could be very profitable in the future.

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