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  • firstcashlong firstcashlong Jul 12, 1999 11:33 AM Flag

    What do you mean "protects"? PRA

    loans are a numbers game. the fees charged exceed the net chargebacks by a huge margin, which is why these stores are so profitable.

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    • reading on this co tells me the price is about to
      move. They are really pushing the internet focus,
      although lately that market has been more of a drag than a
      push. the difference is this company makes positive
      eps, and their website doesn't really cost them
      anything. It's pure additional profit. I like the payday
      loan website idea, as well, and I really think this
      website could make tons of money. Looks like they are
      making plenty from the payday loans in all their stores.
      I bought in today (only a small position of 2,000
      shares or so). I appreciate all the positive comments on
      this board, most of the others have a lot of name
      calling and maliciousness, etc. Good luck to all....julio

    • First Cash is a varitable time bomb waiting to go
      off!!! Should they actually post banners to compete with
      Ebay, launch internet payday loans, expand current
      payday loan & check cashing markets, & maintain their
      current pawn revenues then this baby will go through the
      roof! It's been listed as a strong buy & Monday morning
      some guy was lapping up nice blocks of shares, and
      he'll be back! Hate to tell all of the non-believers
      out there....this ain't no $4 stock anymore! :)

    • this is a great sign. investors felt a panic
      after CA's release yesterday, and now they are reading
      the FCFS release, talking to management, and buying.
      Firstcashlong, I liked your analysis of the pra potential, but
      you were actually a little low on some of your
      numbers, according to an investor conference I attended
      recently with FCFS management.

      yield on pra loans
      is closer to 360% versus your 250%

      they are
      already averaging more than 10,000 in additional net
      revenues for the stores in which pra's have been added --
      in less than nine months. your estimate of $10,000
      per store is LOW!

      Watch this stock, it'll
      continue to rise.

    • eom

    • by the end of this week, the 52 week high will be
      $14.30 instead of $18. It was a year ago that we had the
      internet-induced, short-lived spike that has haunted us for a year
      now. a $14.30 52 week high will make the coming gains
      seem much more impressive, IMO.

    • cumulative annual eps through 3/31/99 is $0.67.
      If the analyst estimates are right, the June 1999
      quarter should add another nickel, which makes $0.72. A
      company with FCFS growth rate deserves at least a 20 PE
      (CA has a 25 PE on lower EPS). FCFS stock price
      easily deserves $14.50 (20 x $0.72) to $18.00 (25 x
      $0.72). It could go higher with the forward earnings I
      expect due to the pra's, website, mexico, etc. Any

    • stong buying and uptick to 12 1/2. Waiting on further news on items mentioned in last press release.

    • Now that I have had my coffee and have fully read
      the statement (I'm on the West coast and wasn't
      totally awake this a.m.) I am really impressed.

      -same store sales increased 6%
      -Net income from
      sales - increased from 5.5% to 6.5% despite higher Web
      and other costs.
      - Trailing eanings now 70 cents
      per share. (if one uses a PE of 20 this should mean a
      $14 stock price).

      This is a glowing report!

    • Hats off to the management team at FCFS. That's
      19 consecutive quarters of higher earnings.
      Investors need to be patient, someday the analysts will
      wake up and realize the gem they have been overlooking
      in FCFS!!

    • worried, but FCFS looks stronger than ever. Read
      some of my previous posts about the potential of the
      pra loans in the pawnshops. management saw fit to
      specifically mention the success of this addition, and is now
      "expediting" the addition at all the stores. I'm telling you,
      this could be hugely profitable and easy to implement.
      Also, what about the internet payday loan mention (am I
      a genius or what???). This also has immense
      potential. any guesses where the stock heads today?

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