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  • mentges mentges Feb 25, 2000 1:01 PM Flag

    Firstcash Web Site question.

    Has anyone heard anything about the FirstCash Web
    site sales? A woman I know who is a collector bought
    some plates from them. I mentioned the site, and now
    she monitors it weekly. Maybe FirstCash should
    advertise on some internet collector sites.

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    • is that if they amounted to anything, we would have heard about it by now.

    • your refusal to answer two simple questions posed
      on this board by firstcashlong a few weeks back. Of
      course, after that episode you mysteriously stopped
      posting here. Do you want me to repeat the


    • this company has the pieces and the plan in place
      to put the company's stock over $30 a share. You
      have absolutely no clue what you're talking about, as
      evidenced by your refusal to answer two very
      straightforward questions I posed to you a while back. Keep
      talking now psycho, I guarantee you I'll have the last

    • You ARE at a loss in this stock and you have
      hyped it for many months all while the stock has tanked
      JUST LIKE I SUGGESTED IT MIGHT. It all relates to them
      OVERPAYING BIGTIME for the payday (they loan on and then
      CASH CHECKS you MORON) subsidary. Dilution from hell.

    • Obviously this has struck a nerve with you.
      Retailers close non performing stores quite regularly. Why
      would FCFS be immuned to this fact of life? I asked you
      the question and you have become very defensive. If
      anybody is acting like an insider it is you.

      "Same-store revenues increased 10%, or $1,992,000 during the
      quarter ended December 31, 1999 compared to the
      ended December 31, 1998 for the 102 stores open during
      both quarters. The $3,932,000 balance of the revenue
      gain was
      generated by the 45 new stores opened or
      acquired since October 1, 1998.

      For the year ended
      December 31, 1999, same-store revenues increased 4%, or
      $2,309,000 compared to the year ended
      December 31, 1998
      for the 66 stores open for all of both years. The
      $25,520,000 balance of the revenue gain was generated
      the 81 new stores opened or acquired since January 1,

      "`We are also optimistic about the pawn operations of
      the Company, which struggled somewhat during most of
      1999. Same
      store retail sales in our pawn stores
      increased 3% in December 1999, and same store service
      charges from pawn lending
      (excluding payday lending)
      increased 6%. We believe that these increases resulted from
      increased store traffic in late 1999,
      which was in part
      a byproduct of the widespread use of television
      advertising for our payday advance product beginning
      November 1999. Additionally, the Company opened five
      stores in Mexico during the year, and initial operating
      results from
      these stores are

      These are some highlights from FCFS fourth quarter
      statement. Where does company infer that pawn side is "weak
      as hell" as you stated? It'll be interesting to see
      if company does a press release stating that they
      will not meet estimates. You may have some explaing to
      do if that happens.

    • You've been doing so well lately. Don't lose it again.

    • Maybe in the future it wont be.
      I have to
      think pawn operations are weak since they dont give
      comparables It appears they only disclose positive stuff.
      Thats BS. Kind of like FCLONG, they can only

      I used to think FCFS was a better pawn operator
      than the others. I really dont know anymore. They lost
      my trust with that dilutiive aquisition.

    • n at this point. I was kind of looking at the
      results of both EZ and CA in making my statements. My
      point in all of this is that I'm under the impression
      that the pawn biz didn't really start going south
      until after the 1st quarter of 1999 when both EZ and CA
      came out with bad numbers, as well as warnings for the
      future. I'll go back and check the timing.

      true, then even if the declines have leveled off (which
      is questionable based on FCFS flat earnings even
      with payday loans and the very real q4 declines for EZ
      and CA) the first quarter of 2000 for pawn is still
      lower, possibly much lower, than q1 1999. I don't know
      if the payday advances can overcome weak pawn
      operations in q1. I certainly hope they do. Judging from the
      performance of the stock lately, a lot of people have doubts
      short term. All of this said, I am still as convinced
      as ever that they have a solid strategy, and that we
      will see huge increases in eps later this year.

    • Do you REALLY think a new ID will hide your identity ? Do you post from a different library everynight ?
      You WILL be accountable for your actions.

    • I am inclined to agree with Belluck's # 751. A
      read of Cash America's latest Q suggests that the
      overall pawn business comps are not down that much and
      appear to be flattening. The add-on of the payday loan
      business is incremental and has to be driving comps
      strongly into positive territory. Or perhaps the pawn
      business is worse for FCFS than it is for CA. How bad do
      you think the pawn business is? Why the hell doesn't
      FCFS just break this out so we can all stop

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