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  • mentges mentges Feb 25, 2000 1:01 PM Flag

    Firstcash Web Site question.

    Has anyone heard anything about the FirstCash Web
    site sales? A woman I know who is a collector bought
    some plates from them. I mentioned the site, and now
    she monitors it weekly. Maybe FirstCash should
    advertise on some internet collector sites.

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    • You coward !

    • so smart. Why is it you keep making bad trades > LOL

    • 2x the # of pawn stores as fcfs is insignificant, I guess there's no convincing you.

    • First of all lets throw EZPW out of this
      scenario, as far as I'm concerned they're a insignificant
      player. Let's review PWN's last year statement.
      Pretax-tax income was $34.6 million versus $34.0 this is
      hardly a disaster, or as you stated "severely declined
      earnings". This is a true reflection of their pawn business.
      Go back to my post #747 where I asked you shouldn't
      we see a nice increase in comps this quarter. It
      seems that you're the one that has the inside that FCFS
      pawn business is in the tank. I'm not a insider just a
      pissed shareholder. I'll be more pissed if they have
      another disappointing quarter. Post #752-#774 understand
      what I'm saying.

    • A research profile of Cash America by RJ
      Falkner( dated March/April 2000 states that CA did 71
      cents from Pawn BZ alone in 1999 and forecasts 60 to 70
      cents this year. So if FCFS is the best of the pawn
      companies, we might expect a 10% decline year to year in
      pawn earnings. If that is the case, the exploding
      Check Cashing side of the business including payroll
      advances would dwarf that small decline. We are missing
      something here. FCFS needs to provide us key data by
      division so we can stop beating up on one another and
      start making meaningful statements about the future.
      The ball has been in FCFS's court on this issue for a
      long time and they have left us hanging out to dry.
      The crappy stock performance reflects this. Thanks
      for your posts.

    • during most of 1999"....first cash press

      EZ and CA report severely declined earnings, as well
      as warnings for future profitability.

      obvious to me.

      Ca and Ez haven't said a peep
      about closing stores.

      For the record, I am
      absolutely not connected to the company.

    • Obviously this has struck a nerve with you.
      Retailers close non performing stores quite regularly. Why
      would FCFS be immuned to this fact of life? I asked you
      the question and you have become very defensive. If
      anybody is acting like an insider it is you.

      "Same-store revenues increased 10%, or $1,992,000 during the
      quarter ended December 31, 1999 compared to the
      ended December 31, 1998 for the 102 stores open during
      both quarters. The $3,932,000 balance of the revenue
      gain was
      generated by the 45 new stores opened or
      acquired since October 1, 1998.

      For the year ended
      December 31, 1999, same-store revenues increased 4%, or
      $2,309,000 compared to the year ended
      December 31, 1998
      for the 66 stores open for all of both years. The
      $25,520,000 balance of the revenue gain was generated
      the 81 new stores opened or acquired since January 1,

      "`We are also optimistic about the pawn operations of
      the Company, which struggled somewhat during most of
      1999. Same
      store retail sales in our pawn stores
      increased 3% in December 1999, and same store service
      charges from pawn lending
      (excluding payday lending)
      increased 6%. We believe that these increases resulted from
      increased store traffic in late 1999,
      which was in part
      a byproduct of the widespread use of television
      advertising for our payday advance product beginning
      November 1999. Additionally, the Company opened five
      stores in Mexico during the year, and initial operating
      results from
      these stores are

      These are some highlights from FCFS fourth quarter
      statement. Where does company infer that pawn side is "weak
      as hell" as you stated? It'll be interesting to see
      if company does a press release stating that they
      will not meet estimates. You may have some explaing to
      do if that happens.

    • are dilutive, and the pawn operations are weak,
      then where are the earnings coming from? Here's
      another question: why do you still own even one share of
      first cash stock? If you knew this stock was going to
      decline by 50%, why even keep one share? Seems like an
      incredibly bad decision to me, since you knew in

      I fully expect your next post to be a death threat,
      full of profanity, which Yahoo will remove. I hope
      everybody here can see and understand bob's mode of
      operation. He makes incorrect statements like "the payday
      loan acquisition is dilutive", then people like me
      call bs and make bob look like the fool he is. Then
      bob posts a death threat, and Yahoo removes all his
      posts, including the ones that prove bob is a fool and a
      liar. He has done this 3 times on this board alone when
      I have pointed out inaccuracies. Go back and look
      at the gaps in message numbers. Ask yourself why
      bob's moniker changes every 3 weeks.

    • read the press release for the year. They stated
      clear as day that the pawn biz was weak all year. Read
      EZ and CA's earnings releases all year. Pretty
      obvious that the pawn side is weak as hell. PWN stock is
      up because of speculation that the innoventry thing
      will be spun off. You think it's because of
      earnings??? Look, you can try to turn this thing around all
      you want, but it's obvious you know some things the
      average investor doesn't. Anybody that makes a statement
      about closing stores out of the blue obviously has some
      inside information. It'll be interesting to see if the
      company does a press release announcing store closings.
      You may have some explaining to do if that happens.

    • You are the one stating that the FCFS pawn
      business is in the tank. If this is the case wouldn't it
      be prudent to shut down poor performing stores? By
      the why how would you explain the stock performance
      of PWN over the past two months? Also Stephens just
      did a 23 page research report on FCFS and nowhere do
      they mention that FCFS's pawn business is still
      declining like you have stated. Did you make these
      statements without any facts to back them up? Curious if you
      are a insider?

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