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    • Any more details on this, by chance???

    • DSS, a pioneer in protecting coupons from counterfeiting and fraud, must feel hasn't been playing by the rules. DSS has proudly defended their patent estate on many occasions. That could be a big problem for any potential, infringing company hoping to go public in a big IPO next year. Might mean a big pay day for little DSS, in a legal victory or settlement. Very interesting, if true, how this could unfold.

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      • This lawsuit could result in huge benefits for little DSS. Without knowing the actual numbers, one must remember that DSS has more than 50 patents that are worth mucho dineros.....If goes through with this suit, or if they settle, either way this makes DSS a BIG winner.

        DSS already has disclosed, LAST DECEMBER, on CNBC-TV, that they have beautiful contracts with Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Pepsi-Cola, Kodak.....DSS now doing passports for the Federal Govnt; as well as social security cards to prevent any counterfeiting....its difficult to predict a future value for DSS - - with well over 50 patents...but whats NOT difficult is to understand that "an APPLE a day, keeps the doctor away". The security services which DSS offers; their work with the internet cloud and streaming protection for companies, who wish to remain strong, HEALTHY and impenetrable, has suddenly become in GREAT DEMAND and a NECESSITY for many of the top fortune 500.

        In 1969, there was a young quaterback, who was quite cocky in his overconfidence of how wonderful the Jets were; so Joe Namath led them to be that years superbowls hero, and #1 !

        It is long overdue that with great recognition that quiet, modest Pat White has become wall streets latest Broadway Joe Namath, with the advances that DSS has made these past few years.....he certainly impressed that pretty little anchor-woman from CNBC.....and rightly so. No one knows it.....not yet anyway. But DSS's day will come.

        This story is long long overdue....way too many wonderful things going on here....see for yourself and take the time to view the 7 minute video on bloombergs blog....its all there in black and white.

        go pat go! Its DSS's turn to finally be superbowl heros !

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