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  • miramarinvestments miramarinvestments Oct 5, 2013 9:20 PM Flag

    Enough Already!!!!!!!!

    I am going to copy a previous response to a post . My guess is most (like me) got enticed to buy into DSS by the IP story. There are those who are owners at much higher prices that are bitter about how the story has unfolded thus far. My answer below was to a poster with the usual mantra of going to zero. I suggested at this level DSS is 40% below the actual core value.
    "Look up Dawson James / DSS and read the report from July 22, 2013. Scroll down to his evaluations. He isn't making any wild claims and is pretty conservative in his metrics. Losing money does not make a company worthless!!!! There is a point when you grow the company at the cost of profits. If the management is doing their job it will build a product that WILL have value. Ultimately Mr. Market will decide a fair value. It may gyrate wildly at times based on emotion. That is how the pros make money. If companies had to be profitable to attract investors while growing Amazon, Yahoo, Google and almost all biotechs wouldn't exist. There is a price where the company has value for cash, equipment, patents, real estate, goodwill, proprietary technology and so on that is worth something. My belief is we are at that level now plus or minus a few pennies where it is underpriced by the same extreme forces when it was $5.00"
    Folks, these message boards are our selling tools to lure new investors.. What is posted here is commented on multiple boards across the internet including various stock pumping sites. We cannot do anything about the shorties or the bashers. Continual posters with "going to zero", "worst POS', "clueless management" etc. only emboldens existing shorts, attracts more shorts, SCARES POTENTIAL LONGS and lets the stock drift down under its own bad karma.
    We all got snookered by the cheats. Management included. They are righting the ship with products expansion, capex spending and attention to the core. The IP will turn in our favor so lets change the tone and get more than our money back!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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