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  • rpmxl000 rpmxl000 Sep 27, 2003 10:40 AM Flag

    Honda Racing

    Not only is Suzuki leading the NHRA drag bikes, but they are about to catch Honda in sales in Japan.

    Suzuki will pass honda within two years, knocking them into fourth place in Japan.

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    • I think that most of you are missing some important points. The problem is excessive spending on both sides. I'm a former democrat, who turned republican and is now an independent (over the course of decades). However, I think we have to be careful on how tax cuts are made. I don't want a scenario where most of the people pay little or nothing and can control who is elected to soak the minority of us that are carrying the load. This is the problem with democrats today. They play a " robin hood wealth card" to attract voters to get more for nothing on the backs of producers. There's a lot of room for improvement, but I don't think that democrats or republicans can solve the problems. Too much control from special interests on both sides. However, I think HMC may soon be a strong buy because a reversal of dollar Vs. Yen will happen and the stock will go up.

    • you seem to think we are just a bunch of hicks here .Bet that memory chip you have in you pc was built here and how would you like to drive around Idaho instead of through it. just got back from a ride thanks for paying for the road shumck.If you think you dont pay enough in taxes give some to a charity and then dont claim it on your taxes as for the government not wasting money you have got to be kidding.that statement really makes you look like a fool. the government spends millions on investgations and studies .If the private sector made business decissions like the government does they would go out of business .you probally dont know about business decisions being an employee ,talk about suckin on a teat

    • What 1/2 of 1% cut are you talking about?

    • You: "It gets people to spending money again."

      Oh, that average $600 really perked up your spending, did it? Congratulations. For most people, it didn't change a thing.

      You: "Money circulates through the economy, over and over again."

      Money to working class and middle class people does. Money to the rich is less likely to do that, because they have already acquired all they need. Poor working schmucks like me spend a large percentage of their income on regular life stuff like mortgages and cars. Rich people spend a relatively tiny percentage of their income on those things.

      You think Bill Gates went out and bought a new car with his millions of dollars tax cut? Come on. Even Warren Buffet puts that lie to rest.

      You: "Bill Gates will now decide where that portion of his money gets spent, instead of the government."

      True enough. But like his daddy pointed out, that money is actually better spent by the Government because the ultra-wealthy simply accumulate more wealth, and it tilts the balance of power in their favor. The reason we enacted inheritance taxes in the first place was to address the excesses of the Robber Barons and the guilded age. Someone like Bill Gates made his fortune BECAUSE of our Government. We make a stable country where that kind of prosperity is possible. Why shouldn't he pay back his fair share? I mean even Bill Gates himself says he should. You think you know better how to use Bill Gates' money than he himself does?

    • <<Give big tax breaks to the wealthy, debt-spend like crazy, and your economy goes to hell. Who would have thought? >>

      Yeah, that initial 1/2 of 1% cut made a big difference.

    • <<The tax cuts have helped what? Other than to drive up the deficit and debt, what have they done?>>

      It gets people to spending money again. Money circulates through the economy, over and over again. Besides, congress will never cut spending and then cut taxes - they only increase.

      <<You really think eliminating Bill Gates' inheritance tax has helped the economy? How, exactly?>>

      Bill Gates will now decide where that portion of his money gets spent, instead of the government.

    • The tax cuts have helped what? Other than to drive up the deficit and debt, what have they done? You really think eliminating Bill Gates' inheritance tax has helped the economy? How, exactly?

      You are so totally brainwashed you can't even see that the Republicans have played you for a fool. You got diddly squat in a tax cut, while they gave the lion's share to multi-millionaires, and you're actually grateful for it and think they did the country a good deed!

      Our trade deficit is NOTHING AT ALL compared to our national debt. 20% of every dollar we take in as tax revenue goes to pay interest on our debt. Imagine how you'd run your household if 20% of your take-home pay went to pay interest on credit cards. Yea, that's what we can thank George W. for. He's a great prez.

    • The "marriage penalty" is a myth. You can always elect to file separately. Just because you both can't file as "head of household" does not make it a penalty.

      And I never said we were "supporting" your kids, just subsidizing them. Yep, we're using our tax dollars to support your lifestyle choice. Talk about a "free lunch." Encouraging the ignorant to go out and breed more ignorant. Well, I guess we need that blue collar labor from somewhere.

    • Do a little research, pal. Densely populated states with small areas pay in way more Federal taxes than they take out in Federal benefits. Sparsely populated states with big land areas (Idaho, for example, or North Dakota) cost the Feds FAR more than they ever contribute in tax revenue. Actually, it's kind of common sense, not that you've shown any so far.

      Yea, sure, when YOU are licking at that tax gravy train, it's your fair due. When others do it, it's a "free lunch?"

      So where exactly is all this "government waste" you are spewing about? I'd say it's in paving highways all over Idaho for the relatively few people who live there. Those low-wage people who pay so few taxes anyway. But that's just my opinion. I'm sure you think Government waste all takes place back east.

      PS - I'll bet every tax you paid your entire life, all added up, wouldn't amount to the tax CUT of Bill Gates.

    • like iI told you before the economy was headed downward when bush took over its been a mild recession so far and the tax cuts have helped.economies dont turn around overnight.The groundwork is set for a long solid recovery just need some more jobs and control the trade defict

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