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  • sakabuka sakabuka Oct 25, 2005 12:01 AM Flag

    Death of American Auto Manufacturing

    GM has used Japanese technology and designs to improve their cars. They bought significant shares of Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and Honda because American Engineering has failed and all three Auto manufacturers know this. Chrysler went to Germany to save their asses. Toyota, Nissan and Mazda are holding back in order to kill F & GM. This is good. It is called capitalism.

    The only hope for GM & F is to get in bed with the Koreans and People's Republic of China and expose themselves as the Pinko Commies that they are including the loyal commie car buyers.

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    • No one cares about American manufacturing anymore. It was sold out years ago and only the small businesses who do not have capital to finance an overseas operation or diehard patriots remain manufacturing on American soil.

      Politicians will get to keep their jobs for bad performances and blame the common folk, other countries will not understand the blame shifting and the common American worker is unemployed and is screwed. Revolution is coming, I know.

    • Just got through posting on the GM board telling kbodie777 to get over his anger in being a GM assembly line worker about to be sold out by the UAW and GM executives.

      I am not against America. Just against those who sold out by not improving quality, reliability and placing morons to run a company for the sole purposes of looking at short term profits rather than long term. The short sights of GM and Ford is why they are on the ropes. Their decision makers are all proven to be incompetent in the arena of the automobile market place.

    • That is the problem there hasn't been a revolution in this country since our founding fathers about 250 years ago. Thomas Jefferson said they created the best kind of government people can have, but there will have to be a revolution every 20 years to make sure it stays that way.

    • Is there hope for America? The majority of the people just want to raise their families and live at peace while politicians zealously apply democracy to countries that don't have a concept of how it can meld with their centuries old Islamic caste system, creating hatred and wars. Outrageous behaviors condoned by American university professors who want profits to be the Bible of future business executives at any cost to the good citizens trying to live a decent life.

      If the powers of American businesses and politics are not repentent within the next 5 years, we just may see a revolution.

    • "If you want someone to blame, look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I a fool for buying superior products rather than keep paying the high cost of American products that fall apart and end up costing more than a superior Japanese, Korean, German, Swiss...products?"
      Looks like too many of us in the USA have allowed ourselves to be lured into self destructive financial manufacturing, employement, and spirital death spirals by not paying attention to what is going on in our own yards as we masterbate our own egos and go about the world telling and helping the rest of the worlds population how to "mind their business". Hand in hand, our preachers preach christianity, out politions preach democracy..and then on sundays they get together and tout FREEDOM OF but not FROM their own personal get rich ADJENDAS. If the new generation of self financially minded generic preachers , and the new rich Bill Gates types, would look just down more of the roads from their homes and pulpits rather than across the seas, maybe they would be aware that the very foundation of the country that allowed them to achieve their current successes is being neglected, undermined and crumbling. I wonder if anyone, including Bush and our other so called "leaders" ever say or even know the words of the pledge of allegence. I know it has been taken from a lot of schools. Like in Hitler's Germany, some non american entity appears to have taken over the minds of our youth long ago, and it is showing up now as our former "Old Time American" way of life is being squanderd away under the excuse of abused "capitalism" by the growing number of a new "have it my way" elite.
      PS...Pardon my spelling..I updated Bill Gates Windows last night and it appears to have sabatodged the spell check function of my old version of MS office...he got me again$$$$$$$$$

    • American Business Colleges are the birthplaces of selling America to foreign countries. Professors of Business Schools at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Brown, Berkley, USC, Notre Dame, Purdue...all advocate offshore manufacturing and technical help to maximize profits for automakers, computer manufacturers, shoes, appliances, tools...just about everything.

      If you want someone to blame, look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I a fool for buying superior products rather than keep paying the high cost of American products that fall apart and end up costing more than a superior Japanese, Korean, German, Swiss...products?"

      Now look at the American traitors that sold out America by making products so shitty that you are forced to buy products designed by foreigners and not moron Americans who are cost cutters and not quality minded. Who are getting rich in America? Traitors, thats who.

      Attacking Toyota or people who buy them or praising people who buy American cars knowing they will cost more to keep than foreign cars or vice versa will not solve anything. We must overthrow these bumfucks who run GM, Ford, GE, ...anyone who offshores and sells out America the Beautiful. Make a list and start advocating these executives to be tarred and feathered and their citizenship revoked.

    • I blame the Business Schools and Wall Street stock brokers who financially manipulated the economy by rewarding the search for individual wealth without concerns for national security.

      I blame the Congress of the United States for being so entrenched in cronism and selling out the average wage earner with their treacherous politics.

      I would agree with you. There is more chance of success if Toyota or Honda Motors took control of the United States and ran the country as a business. I believe their result will be a stronger and more numerous middle class with a value system. Today, we have gangsta rap hip hop drug corruption Martha Stewart felons type who will gladly stab anyone one who is honest in the back, running the country.

    • You say "This is good. It is called capitalism."
      Why does everyone always want to assume that capitalism is always matter how it is practiced and by whom it is practiced (on)? Too many good ordinary sports and soap opra addicted Americans have no idea that this country is well on it's way to becoming prematurly old and brittal (hey a pun), sort of like mother England. I have a bad feeling that those "Pinko Commies" that you refer to may already control more of the "bed" than we realize..the sheets are made out of American dollars, the bed frame is made of lost US jobs all in a bedroom made from lost American pride. What do we lower IQ future Wal$mart greeters and McDonald hamburger cooks in the US truly have left to be proud of..huh huh huh???.. & please don't say "rocket science", "research". ...OH, I almost forgot--we ( thru our polititions) still brag about helping "developing countrys" to be just like us...or rather, like we used to be. We live in a country run by college grads, many of of whom did not have to pay much because they got scholorships and the world is run by forign students, many who like Atila the hun, spent years in the USA learning to expliot our "bubba quality weaknesses"..I give up on GM and Chrysler..F...maybe ther is still an American somewhere in that companys managment who cares about the uSA...that is, if he is allowed to..

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      • When GM executives stop their self serving and rewarding themselves for bad behavior, When business schools stop preaching the tactics and ethics that rape the USA, When ethics and morals are actually decent and to the word of God...

        Then we can begin the reversal of all the crooked politicians, cops, lawyers, mayors, accountants, corporate executives...have perpetrated upon us all.

        America has sold its main wealth. Her manufacturing. From the act of turning raw materials into products does America realize the wealth of her nation. All the other countries could not believe that America gives away her wealth through either unwise businessmen or politicians who are lead astray.

        Buying things from WalMart is exactly as you state, helping the Chinese, Koreans, Indonesians, Indians, Pakistanis, Mexicans...kill our own country, USA. Bill Gates has killed America as well. The tech help being routed to India or Pakistan due to cheap labor keeps Bill rich yet look around you. Intelligent and college graduates who cannot find gainful employment because the jobs are imported by corporate America with the best wishes by your Congressmen and President who caters to other countries than America.

        If America came first, we would not be in this mess. GM is just a symptom of a corrupt and obsolete system.

        At least Honda Motor Company trains employees, listens to them, pays them and keeps most of the profits in America to advance their communities. GM overpays their executives by tens of millions of dollars.

        A typical Honda, Toyota executive. Their pay is $130,000 per year with bonuses tied to performance that total $60,000 per year.

        A same level GM or Ford executive has a salary of $680,000 a year with bonuses and stock options totaling over 2.7 million dollars.

        A typical Japanese executive works his way up from engineering, working on the assembly line, reviewing statistical data, working under line supervision...

        A typical American executive comes out of business school with an MBA, is arrogant, will sell out his fellow workers, pad expense accounts, go to the strip bar or bath house if he's gay, takes pleasure in screwing line workers out of their pension fund money, backstabs workers through corrupt Union leaders. Don't know how to run an assembly line because they do not care or know how to operate machinery pertinent to the business.

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