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  • lshookkent lshookkent Apr 11, 2007 1:12 PM Flag

    Is HMC still a Buy?

    the problem isn't hmc. the problem is the dollar.

    owning foreign stocks suxxxxx when the dollar gets the crap kicked out of it.

    Just as the USSR learned there's more than one way to skin a cat, I guess one day we'll learn.

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    • "owning foreign stocks suxxxxx when the dollar gets the crap kicked out of it."

      The level of understanding on this board has declined significantly as of late. Owning foreign stocks that don't get a hge portion of their revenue from the US is generally a GREAT thing when the dollar is declining. Owning foreign stocks who build stuff in a foreign country and sell a significant amount of that stuff in the US isn't so good as their profit margins can go to Helena Handbasket.

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      • honda's profits are tied to the yen exchange rates, as they typically convert all their profits to yen at some point. They also have a currency trading department that hedges their transactions for this. Two years ago they made millions on favorable currency transactions. That being said the company is too vast to be crushed on just the dollar. Rapid yen appreciation could seriously hurt the companies bottom line, but only if they choose to forcibly convert externally collected currency back to yen, which, since they are in the buisness of currency trading, I doubt they would do. The only trade that needs a yen/dollar exchange over the long haul is japanese produced cars being shipped to the US, which I think accounts for about 25% of their auto production, maybe 10% of profits overall. You can find hard numbers for all of that off the annual reports on thier international corporate inversot relation website.

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