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  • stockcrazi stockcrazi Aug 14, 2014 10:13 AM Flag

    Y do all of Acura products look like Mazda's?

    Thats what is killing this company luxury products.. I'd rather drive a Lexus then an Acura.. Acuras all look the same and the grille is UGLY on these Acura's... Maybe they go over well in Japan but here in the states all they do is catch Bug residue and they look fugly.. Lexus, BMW, MB and even Volvo will be eating their lunch..

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    • I said this so many times that Honda needs to fire all of its designers. Honda still have some styling, but Acura is the worst. Acura face looks like a down syndrome with bucktooth. All of its exterior styling looks the same: painfully unattractive. Interior with huge, eyesore, overhang GPS hood. Terrible design, tasteless, clueless. Honda doesn't take anyone opinion until its sale drops to nearly zero and the brand is too damage to correct which can cost them years to fix the image.

    • I don't think they have Acura in Japan. A TLX commercial was on CNBC as I'm writing this. The style of the new ILX is not bad, but I too don't understand the grill.

    • Now don't get me wrong I have a Honda car, Honda Generator, and some other Honda products but when I want to move up to a Luxury car the Acura is a complete turn off.. I'd rather have a BMW,Volvo or Lexus.. in terms of styling.. the engine part works but the acura styling leaves much to be desired.. its not like it was in the old days of the NSX..

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