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  • atlantathrashers atlantathrashers May 3, 2005 12:51 PM Flag

    Who is the ass with 267,000 shares on

    I wish i had the cash to add those shares to my 147,000. But i'm all tapped out. But remember this, there is alot of gullable sellers out there.

    The road to seven digit wealth is thru Irvine, Ca.

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    • Gullible sellers?

      Try gullible fools that would buy this POS, based on all of this nonsense that you pumpers spew. First it was the appearance products, then it was the Fusion series, then it was going to be big international sales, then it was the infomercial, then it was going to be the Fastenal deal, then it was the motor oil, now its the MPG crap. NONE of this stuff has increased sales or decreased losses!

      The road to seven digit losses goes thru Prolong.