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  • betabooya betabooya May 26, 2009 11:19 AM Flag

    range bound

    Quick buck traders will be looking or other opportunities.
    The whole speculative recovery stocks that I follow are weak. I think the move is to more substantial stocks for now.
    This will be a good purchase for the contrarian investor. who can hold for the good turns whilst we wait out the unfolding of the Treasury plans for open market on derivatives.
    Long term positive, short term - slow to negative.
    This will move, on news of consolidation, Primary dealer.

    The interest income will not return until inflation kicks in. While this in inevitable, it may be a year out.

    MF is well positioned for the recovery, however the recovery is a way out.

    Why corportate is so quiet, can only be speculative at best. Not telling shareholders negative information could be cause for lawsuit. Not telling good news could only be in the interest of not blowing up a deal.

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    • Beta, communicating positives would have no bearing on a deal "blowing" up as you put it. MF must, it is their fiduciary duty to communicate their advances for shareholders.

      That said, we are in trouble. No question about it. There is significant sell pressure here, thus on not a 200+ plus day, we cannot even more out of the negative.

      This stock is broken, pure and simple. I have to disagree with my esteemed friend Chiku, the run is not in. We are in trouble period.

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      • Agreed. Baring a modern day f!$%ing miracle we are definitely going to trend lower.

        If you hold MF long you had better pray for inflation. How long did Japan have zero interest rates for? 10 years if I'm not mistaken. Good lord.

        Bernard Dan needs to start buying back so of these sh1tty common shares to increase our value.

        He needs to do something after he spent the better part of 6 months filling our heads with visions of sugar plums before he laid an egg of a quarterly report on us.

    • Yeah, we can pretty much kiss the interest income goodbye. Although if they keep printing money it may rear it's head in much less than a year.

      There is another treasury action this week. I tend to think they are going to end up monetizing a large portion of the issue. Foreign appetite for our debt has to be weakening substantially.