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  • johngregor1977 johngregor1977 Jul 15, 2009 7:08 AM Flag

    Man Group almost out of picture

    Thats a good point. The question though, is what will be the catalyst for MF to break the stock out of the 5 range?

    It almost might make sense at this point if Bernard Dan looked at a strategic acquisition of maybe a down trodden competitor or something of that nature. The loss of interest income worries me. While I do like the prospect of the managed futures product, it maybe time to boost growth by buying a company who is involved in the futures market but has other revenue streams, if indeed such a company exists.

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    • morning JG---I think there might be mention of direction next Q call on 8/6. Traders will break the 5 barrier one way or another.(up/down). Acquisition would be nice. Medco pps dropped and remained flat all through the bear rally this year but didn't make sense due to its excellent book value. As you mentioned, the market is trading for short term profit with seeming disregard to valuation but regard that the economy could/will tank further. Boy I'm reading a lot of sentiment both ways but my only defense to that is watching daily. I haven't the reason to pull the trigger yet.
      What do you think of the natural gas market? Been eying the index etf UNG.