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  • lossp2 lossp2 Jan 27, 2004 7:27 PM Flag

    Don't Invest in Lux!!!

    The problem is that you can't invest in Lux when the Managers are not treating people right an people are quiting their jobs.

    I wouldn't lie to you, Lux have alot of people out to get them. Please don't invest with Lux be smart not stupid. How can you make money or invest at the ASC when the company is treating their employees like sh--.

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    • On a side note- Our ( USA's) position as the strongest financial power in the world is diminishing some everyday. Watch out for the likes of China in the not to distant future. Our ability to dicate whatever trade policies we like is also fading. Now you know the whole story. The fact is, in reality, this weakening of our financial strength is partly due to things like unions, that prevent us from being able to compete fairly with foreign competition. Bye, Bye, more jobs. Hopefully, some of those job losses will be those of the whining brats in you know where.

    • Your view is to get rid of the management and start fresh, or unionize. My view, and the truly right way to go, is to get the "Few" mistreated whining brats to find new jobs, maybe as campaigners for the democratic party. What a perfect solution.

    • Reality is that there's no problem to begin with, as far as the company is concerned. That is truly the bottom line here.

    • So according to you we should sink to the lowest common denominator instead of forcing others to elevate their standards. We, the USA, are still the strongest financial power in the world and as such we can dictate whatever trade policies we like. To that end, we can stipulate employee protections to any country we trade with effectively leveling the playing field and raising the standard of living for everyone. If we pay our workers more money, then a reciprocal rise in the cost of goods will not be a factor.

      In reference to your first point, the mistreatment of employees at the AT DC is well documented and the reasons for LUX not taking action are multifaceted. Do you REALLY think that so many people would post their grievances on this board if LUX were dealing with them in a responsible, professional, and fair manner? I do not think so.

      The only way to fix the problem is to remove the current management team and start fresh, or to unionize and force fair and equitable treatment.

    • Perception or reality??????????????

      Ignoring the problem does not make it go away.

    • Short and sweet. The people in Cincy town know everything going on , everywhere they have business interests. You can also rest assure that they do indeed read these boards. As I have said earlier there is in reality not a problem in ATL DC that they feel is truly a problem that needs to be addressed. So life goes on. For those people that are not happy I suggest that they pack up their bags , and move on . That is the sure way to solve their current problems. That would most positively work.

    • Lux, is indeed, trying to act. Unfortunately, the people from Cinn that are investigating are being lied to and kept away from the people that know the truth or the people that know the truth have been made to feel threatened if they tell. The hostile environment started approx 6 years ago on Second Shift, not 2 years ago on First as they have been told. That's a long time for people to have been told not to say anything or to watch good people go out the door because they did.
      FYI - The 'DC' in Atlanta DC stands for Distribution Center. Very little product, (and it gets less daily), that Lux sells in the US is manufactured in the US. I doubt very much that even China or Korea could distribute with less cost even if a Union were to be established at the DC. The DC is ripe for it to happen as the morale is so low that associates are really looking for a way to make it better. Not just a few, but many. That isn't to say that I would necessarily welcome the Union to the DC, but if it would maintain respect, without the discrimination and the right to work in a non-hostile environment, then it would be worth looking into. Just because the mistreatment happens, does not mean that it should be condoned, hidden or ignored and it can and should be changed. If the Union comes to them and says that they can make it better, then they have a very good chance of getting in.
      If you are to reply to this, it would be nice if you replied without sounding like you are having a temper tantrum.

    • So, backstabbing, name calling and abuse are the key to survival? How American. All the money in the world wouldn't compensate for what some of these people have been through.

    • Getalook- Everybody gets mistreated at one time or another, that's life, and that will not change. Management at LUX most likely does not act because there is no justification to do so. In other words, there really is not a problem, outside of a few babies crying because the spoiled brats are just not getting their way. A piece of information for you on UNIONS.. Unions cause the costs' of doing business to rise rapidly for the companies involved, forcing them to go outside of the country, in order to survive. Unions are why, to a certain degree, that our job growth in this country is not growing as fast as it should be growing .If you get your way, you, and the very limited number of those that think like you here, will not have to worry about anything job related because you will not have a job. Take a few smart pills would you please, and grow up. On a side note, invest here now, and you will be rewarded nicely in a relatively short period of time.

    • No name calling. Welcome to corporate America 2004. Don't fight the current, just go with the flow, and you will survive. Now, buy the stock and make some money. That is truly the name of the game. I am sure you also are very active in the democratic party. With all the money you will make on Lux stock you will be able to make lots of donations to the poor souls that you are so concerned about having been screwed over. Such is life, little girl. Sorry.

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