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  • optom2020 optom2020 Feb 12, 2005 11:34 PM Flag

    Wow Madonna

    Wow I just heard yesterday from my Luxottica rep that Madonna signed a exclusive contract for the re-launch of Versace. This is a great thing even though Madoona is a little hasbeenish, she looks very, very hot, so hot i can't say. she is portrayed very tastefully done that the america population won't be offened either, in one photo she is portraying the business women of the millenium, and others the self sufficent women. Who else to be the face of versace for 2005 but madonna when she ran with Mr. Versace himself in miami before his demise, the ads will be in all major magazines, I just couldn't figure out why they didn't get PARIS HILTON, for god sakes alls my daughter rants and raves about is the Versace sunglasses PARIS wears on E! entertainment and on IT'S a Simple Life the Interns. She said she would like Donnatella to team up with I think Tyra Banks and re-kindle the once great relationship that the Versace's and bank's had. Maybe one day it will happen, I think big things are in store for Lux, My rep said Donnatella had her own reality show in the works, or would have it soon, and she wasn't talking of Growing up Gotti, or the saturday night live skits. I also heard the retail part of LUX is looking at the clothing segment very heavy, and that the limited corp may be needing help. WOW that would mean victoria secret, abercrombie, Holister, structure, and limitied 2, and well geeze i don't know what else they own im ranting what i heard, the only thing of real importance was that they own a company called barbbrini in italy that makes glass lenses, and I found out yesterday that, the company makes the same lenses for serengeti, maui jim, and k-swiss, and i think she said nikon. She also said that Tom Ford former Gucci Stylist has been talking with Luxottica for his Eyewear/ Sunwear line could it be that he has decided to create the Tom Ford line or is he waiting for something to happen with Versace? I read the post and im not sure. By the way are versace stocks listed i couldn't find them? any help would be apreciated I think Marcolin might be the next player to either get gobbled up by LUX or they might just crumble into the forgoten world of the Optical industry and such a shame cause they have been a great company to work with, but AS WITH MANY NOT SELLING PRODUCT TO COLE, THERE SALES ARE A MAJOR LOSS!!!for a lot of people IE: Marcolin, Marchon, Safilo, Clearvision, and Rem, and of course the Neostyles, and well i think Essence allready went under. It means NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE. If some big optical company dosen't shoot up over night across the united states they are screwed sorry guys my money is on LUX

    just my FYI for the time being.

    LUX keep sending patients my way and you can stock my whole office :)

    Happy DOC

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