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  • coledrpaulin coledrpaulin Feb 19, 2005 2:16 AM Flag


    Things are changing fast. I have bben told by my luxottica reps that they wil no longer be able to call on my office one day, and then the next hey can. I am not sure luxottica knows what to to do with the franchise's, We are not going to be strong eld into buying there products even though they own the company until the lawyers and attorneys can look everything thing over. I have had very good relations with all of are LUX reps and know we are being forced to by product sight un-seen, that is the way we got marchon, an kenmark products, as well as the moulin products, My store does over 3 million a year an you will will not pump you crap in my stores. I will continue to see the Channel , Prada, and Versace and Vittidini rep. I buy all of there lines and now I will not be able to do that well, you guys can take you franchise and I will just change my name, and not pay royalities, or you will let my buyers see the reps they want to see.

    If not I guess I better call the neon sign guy, and I will sue you for not holding up the aggreement set fourth in section 42.e on frame selction which is set to expire for my contract in 2008

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