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  • purple_angel_212 purple_angel_212 Jul 29, 2006 9:06 PM Flag

    Consult selling and MP's % OR ELSE!!

    Associates (damn good assoc's) who bring in ALOT of money and sell MANY pairs of glasses at very high SAR's are being written up for not having over 25% MP's!!

    Does anyone care that not only will there be NO customers but there will also NOT be any employees worth haveing around!

    Every few mths ..there is something else to track/push in the stores..but this time expecting MP's and writing people up threatening to take their jobs and status away IS INSANE!

    We have been told that Luxottica is the BEST Co. to work for..BY WHO'S standards?? Cole employees will be so lucky NOW that Luxottica owns them..BY WHO'S standards?? We have also heard alot of complaining from the Lenscrafters side. Doesnt seem that there are alot of happy employees..just happy $$$$ stock holders!

    Hope they are investing their money they see the sad state of their Co.??

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    • All that Sears Optical cares about are sales, even at the cost of losing customers in the future. Some patients don't want (or need) multiple pairs. For example, I have overheard associated pushing a polarized sunglass to a patient who only needed a reading glass. This patient was living in a nursing home and seldom ventured outdoors. Consultative selling would tell you that this patient would see little benefit from a sunglass. Of course, the associate must sell, sell, sell. It makes me sick to see people forced to spend so much when it needn't be so.

    • accountability is a pain in the $#@ huh?

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      • Accountability pain in the ass? You must work in one those old K mart stores with new opticals that see one or two patients a week and sell one MP and shows 100%, and you are the company darling, or your in upper management. You don't have a clue about accountability. Work in a productive office that actually makes money for the company and see the real world. Staffing at the stores suck. Payroll hours to sales volume unrealistic. Lux is running these stores into the ground. Many, many store managers working way over 40 hours and not be compensated for it. Burned out and stressed out with excessive paper work and trying to run an office with a skeleton crew. Customers seeing the effects and are walking. Consultative selling try it when you don't have enough staff.. it dosn't work. Word is getting out in the optical community Lux (Sears) is not the place to work.

      • Accountability on the Co.'s part would be GREAT! I am curious what side of this company you are working on? Have you been in a Sears Optical lately? Have you seen the horrid selection of frames that we are to sell atleast 3 pairs to each customer that walks in? Have you noticed the chaos and the associates crazy running around some alone thanks to low payroll. Have you seen vision care aged reports that are out of control and no time to fix? Have you noticed NEEM has NEVER looked so bad in our stores ever before. We have some EXCELLENT employees and due to the behavior of some management and the Co we are loseing them and customers.

        In response to WHY we stay... we stay because we have been in these stores in some cases 15-20 yrs..we are a family and we work our butts off! We LOVE what we do and we have been told for yrs now ...yes yrs now things are going to get better! The Co. is not giving the associates the tools to be able to be successful in alot of cases.

        We are loyal and do more than what is asked of us and we would love some accountability from the people who DO NOT WORK ON THE FLOORS IN THESE STORES!!

        Accountability works both ways!

        Just because we are upset and asking for accoutability we should not be told if your not happy go somewhere else. That is called NOT taking accountability for a co.

        We have worked thru every yr... different expectations and the latest way to sell and behave. The latest GULEC UNLEASHED AND CONSULTATIVE SELLING.

        The situation I referenced in another post was done in retaliation due to an asst manager trying to take care of a dept when the manager isnt!

        I see you are upset over a license situation however some states don't have that situation but they do have to deal with some people who get to come in get away with behavior that is unethical and irresponsible because of their numbers. Not because they are a better associate but because they pre-select and avoid any vision care that isnt going to keep their SAR at a good high #.

        I want accountability..on EVERY level!!

        We need to stop blameing the associates who are working very hard..and we don't want handouts awards or little pins for our nametags. We want a co. that is responsible with our well beings also and were there is stability for an associate. I know that is not too much to ask.

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