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  • superflyflyboy superflyflyboy Sep 20, 2006 10:56 PM Flag

    Sears Optical New Pricing and Service

    Seems like Lux dosn't have a handle on who is coming into
    Sears Opticals. The Sears Optical customer is looking for Value not the premium price lux thinks the typical Sears Optical customer will pay for glasses and contacts. Sears Optical is not a Lenscrafters. Why else would they park in a lot two miles away from the optical location. Then once in the Sears store start searching for the hidden location tucked back in a corner, then find they have to wait and wait because the office is only allowed X amount of hours to staff a office 10 to 12 hours a day.

    Top dogs go out and work in a busy office for a couple weeks see what is happening (not a one hour visit) and just make sure half the time you are working alone. You can spend millions of dollars teaching consultive selling to employees, but if cutting payroll to the bone and no people to service the customers, your consultive selling program is not valid and will never work. Talk to your employees Mr. Lux. To bad a yahoo board has to be used to point out the facts.

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    • I guess some of us thought you are no longer associated with Lux when you said you had "worked" in 2 different now Lux brand stores.

      If you're still a Lux associate (middle management or whatever)how is your store(s)adjusting to the reduced hours? A few in our store now have another part-time job in the mall. We feel the effects especially when someone is sick, or if we're really over in hours and have to cut more heading toward Friday and Saturday.

      Most feel better about the situation since the stores received the notices for associates to sign, indicating they wouldn't lose their benefits if they agreed to work 30 hours a week. This is to last until the last week of the year. Anyone think it will become a permanent thing?

      I'm anxious to see the 3rd quarter results for Lux.

    • I never said I left...

    • good post-The reason that I mentioned the two signs was that LUX did insist that they be taken down at a franchisee's location in the mid-west. Its pretty petty stuff and I am quite sure he put them back up after they left.

    • O.K., Lowly, so the customer found the marble fudge frame 5 seconds before we did. Our bad. You're right about focusing on the real issues. So, let's put this behind us. Besides, I understand that LensCrafters stores(at least in one region)are being encouraged to get things for their stores to make their customers feel more comfortable and welcome. One has set out a small table for a big heat-retaining thermos for coffee. Another has a popcorn machine--not the big movie theatre type. They've started setting out bowls of wrapped candy. Stores are being encouraged to add creative things to present a boutique look. I never thought I'd see this happen!! But, I'm not whining, Lowly. We'll just try to out-boutique the other stores and still give awesome customer service. P.S. Do you care to say why you left the two Lux brand stores where you worked?

    • I don't believe that the posters at this board think the "no food-no drink" signs policy is really this big an issue.

      Pearle Franchisee's original question was about Lux' policy about signs in other brand stores. He was concerned about the "payment expected..." sign in his store and the "No Smoking" sign in front of his store. Evidently his is a free standing store franchise.(not in a mall) Perhaps he's in a city or state that doesn't have strict no smoking ordinances. I'll bet if he left that sign up, Lux wouldn't challenge him very far with it. Some tv station or newspaper would love to report a story about that battle!

      Fine and Polish replied to Pearle Franchisee's question. Fine said that LensCrafters didn't allow signs and their store had asked about a no food or drink sign one time.

      Mosh. said he agreed with you about the "pay now" signs, but he thought a no food or drink sign "MIGHT" help a little. He went on to give some examples of why he didn't think people should bring their snacks in the store.

      I didn't see any "blind rage" applied to any of these exchanges. The closest thing I saw resembling rage was Mosh.'s reply to your suggestion that they clean up their store. ha ha

    • OK, well, wrong!

      I've actually worked IN the stores with two now-Lux brands. And I guess I'd say, in your words, if a customer finds marble slab ice cream on the frames, then it WAS left there and not cleaned.

      The bigger message, though, is to focus on what is really the issue and not apply to everything this blind rage that some people on this board have. If you have legitimate complaints about managers being abusive or not working their hours, Lux has an anonymous tip line to leave those on. Back it up with facts, not rumours, and it will get acted upon.

      On the other hand, if the thought of not being allowed to have a "no food or drink sign" is really this big an issue, it's time to move on.

    • I was curious as to what the big deal was about the signs? I laughed when I read this..are they just as anal at Sears? We wish they were half as anal as far as how we look. Our store was originally located yrs ago in the front of the sears entrance facing into the mall..several yrs ago we were moved into the dungeon..I mean basement with the other consignments.

      We look like the bargain basement in the worst part of town. In 15yrs we have had new carpeting (which is the ugliest dizzy making crap)and someone came in yrs ago and reglued the tables. The drawers are literally falling off the tables. The frame boards omg..we keep glueing the pegs back onto the frame boards that hold the frames. We glue wallpaper back to the walls and use hot glue guns to glue the carpet back to the baseboards. The things we do to make our place look better.

      We have been told for yrs and yrs we were being remodeled but since Sears itself hasnt remodeled niether are we.

      Makes me laugh when I hear about the new carpets and tables and signs only because we are literally tapeing things to the signs above the frame boards. A customer noticed a few wks back that the sign above the one board read...UN STYLE

      Which really was funny because they really are ugly frames. Yes that was to say UNI STYLE. Cant order a replacement "I" so we made an "I"

      This is the kind of sense of humor we have to keep going daily.

      We are the largest store in our region and I have to say..we are also the only store not remodeled under Cole. We have been told several times but because Sears hasnt remodeled niether are we.

      It is what we consider home away from home since we are there so much. But I just had to laugh when I see concerns about carpeting and signs. Not to make light of it..we never had signs other than hrs and the HIPPA regs.

      Sadly though I agree there should be some signs..since there are so many adults who arent useing common sense. Just like we would also like a sign with a cell phone pic and cirlce and line thru it. So many people wont stop talking on the phones as we try to adjust or write up an order and some people actually have the nerve to put up their finger and wave the OPTICIAN to wait.

      I see these signs all over from the pharmacy to the other types of offices. It's a shame any sign has to be put up for any reason.

    • I knew it was coming...and was just hear this type of comment from you. Yeah, we just let that stuff stay on the frames until the cream sours and the spills are totally ground into the carpet. Good grief!! We have pride and we've got about as many cleaning aids close at hand as we have optical tools. And we use them...faithfully and regularly.

      There are some high-end stores who do have their versions of a no food/no drink sign at their doors. They wouldn't kick anyone out of their store for having them. It's used as a common sense hint or reminder.

      We have 4 computer stations right on the retail floor and I've seen customers try to balance a drink cup on top of the screen. And, these are adults who know better. Not the cute little kids who bring their Build-a-Bears into our store. By the way, anytime they bring their little creations in, we lead them over to the childrens frames and let them play optician, trying frames on their bears, rabbits, or whatever.

      Tell us a little about your retail situation, lowy. You mentioned "that's what those videos and consultative training sessions are probably about", which makes me think you're not associated with Lux.

    • Again, as I said, many of these complaints are legitimate. Hours cutbacks are probably one, although I've never seen an organization that didn't have fat that could be cut. I'm sure that was the original initiative. The question is: how far til you hit the bone. It's possible they've hit that point, and if so, good leaders need to communicate that point positively to the right people. That's why they're called leaders.

      As far as ice cream, coffee, etc... here's a thought... clean your store. Do you have "no food or drink" signs in your homes? If someone spills something, clean it up like they do in every other store. If a customer finds a pair of glasses with ice cream on them, they're finding the mess an associate left, not one a customer left. Think you have it rough? Try working in a Build a Bear or Gymboree. Yet, they don't scold their customers; they make it fun. Remember... customer service. Get that chip off your shoulder and provide a great experience for the customer.

      PS: Service: That's what those videos and consultative training sessions are probably about too. You may want to watch THOSE again.

    • I will agree with you about the "pay now" sign not being necessary. It smacks of the old "mom and pop" shops.

      A professionally made "no food or drink" sign might help a little. However, some customers will still bring their soft drinks, coffee, ice cream and french fries with them. We all desire to have a clean, clutter free store without home-made signs and displays. We cringe when we see Gloria Jean's finest coffee spilled on our nice clean carpet or when we show a D&G frame coated with Marble Slab ice cream.

      I don't think anyone is whining about competition!! You mention that we're enraged. It's frustration and bewilderment about not being able to deliver excellent customer service due to the hours being cut back. I know we're trying to adjust and the managers are trying to figure the hours to fit the daily goals. But, it's spelling disaster on those days (which are frequent) when we're caught with our pants down and there's not enough of us to save embarrassment and prevent unhappy customers. The customers are the ones who ultimately will not adapt to the new business of service on the fly. And they are the ones who will ask if this is what they really want.

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