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  • coursehorsered coursehorsered Oct 21, 2006 2:03 PM Flag

    why are you still here?

    To all of the very unhappy employees and the recent upset o.d.'s, Why haven't you left this terrible situation? Luxottica is clearly the most terrible place in the world to work and you clearly have more knowledge on how this needs to be run. It only stands to reason that you would be more successful on your own. Tell me what will happen when your payroll and overhead expenses exceed the amount your bringing in. I'm sure you will keep your receptionist and 3 extra associates so you can get through that 1 hour per day when 7 patients walk in. When you have your own store I'm sure you will send your patients to the drug store or costco for their otc readers, I mean why would you want to sell them anything that would increase your profits, and nothing Say's fashion like walking into a room with those dark transitions and waiting for them to clear up before you can look any one in the eye to introduce yourself. I'm sorry I forgot they are much better in the car than a good pair of polarized because you get to squint when driving in the sun and squinting narrows your field of view and you can concentrate on what's straight ahead and not be bothered by things happening around you. Instead of rubbing alcohol to clean your lenses wouldn't vodka be better if you get the bottom shelf stuff it is cheaper than cleaner and you could self medicate with it also.

    Get it together or get out why subject yourself to this torture. I don't agree with everything Lux does but I make the decision to stay and move forward. Remember it is their yard and ball if we don't like it we can say goodbye.

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    • nice to hedge your bets, just in case the corporates are reading...


    • To respond, LUX isn't the "most terrible place in the world to work..." I never meant to imply that. However, for a company that as a whole produced a 19% NET profit last quarter while making acquisitions hardly seems to need to reduce payroll. In fact, I wonder how much of this net profit is due to both payroll cuts and raising prices, as opposed to actual increase in sales amounts.

      LUX has the money available to keep its brands strong, but it seems hellbent on purchasing entire optical chains, to the detriment to it's associates and ODs.

      The LUX policy of encouraging the purchase of multiple pairs certainly does not encourage frequent exams as now the patient will probably have their eyes examined less frequently. The typical patient gauges their need for glasses based either on being able to see clearly with them or out of necessity. If a patient has two pairs and breaks or loses one, they will have a backup and neglect coming back for their routine exam.

      The introduction of EZClear lenses is another poor quality product that is being passed on as a premium lens. I have had nothing but problems with this lens in that it has poor scratch resistance. It certainly is no match of the Crizal Alize lens.

      I have decided to drop my SubLease. There certainly is no future at Sears Optical. It is a brand that is both poorly supported and certainly is in dire need of change.

    • It's amazing how many people like to blow hot air (conintually) like a hot air warmer. I agree life is not perfect but you should either get on the bus or get off. You might find that if you really listened to the changes people are trying to make you might really understand why, but alot of people want to stay the same. Cole National was not a money maker and people were not accountable - go figure that's probably why they were sold. I'm sure your rotten attitudes don't help you sell your product. Personally I am embracing the changes - so I guess I'm on the bus. Have I met your needs today?

    • I agree with most that you have to say. I work for the company, I don't own it, so I follow the rules. How do you go about handling payroll hours when there are a minimum amount of open hours to follow, employed Dr's who have to work in order to have a chance to make forecast. Last week we made enough money to cover about 80 hours of payroll, we are open 75 hours, and Dr works 40. Yes, we normally fall within payroll parameters. There have been only a handful of weeks this year that we haven't made it. But the fallout from not making those weeks is not pretty. We meet most of our goals on products, yes there is always room for improvement I understand that. There are just some trying times.

    • Oustanding message course.. I absolutley agree with you. Lose the objections and excuses and just move on!

      Very well put.

    • At least for the NY metro area, several CORPORATE PearleVision Locations have been closed to save on costs. The patient files are kept at the next closest PV location. Typically, business is better due to this consolidation, but many people have lost their jobs due to these changes. Also, many PV locations are in the process of moving into smaller store locations that will not include a lab. That is truly shameful. PV has usually provided good and reasonably fast service (at a price).

      I guess that now LUX expects customers not to complain when it takes nearly one week for the customer's nice Versace frames with the AR/Progressive lenses. It will just be a matter of time when the consumer will just decide to go elsewhere, especially when the PPP (Pearle Protection Plan) is not offered any longer. Customers have been complaining about the loss of the BPP (Sears Breakage Protection Plan) as it was recently dropped.

    • Thanks for the forgiveness...Got confused as to who was saying what...Anyway,I do see a very well defined split between what the corp Pearles are doing and what the franchised locations are doing....Lux's long term plans for their stores DO NOT include labs or fast service ( thats L.C.'s bailiwick) Why be redundant...
      My thought is that if the individual franchisee is bringing home a lot of money, hang in...After all,thats all that matters. But they should not kid themselves about bringing Lux around to any of their ideas or expect any concesions from them. It's their way or the highway and their train has left the station.
      The old school franchisees are a dying breed ....and that can be fine as long as no one has any illusions about their future importance with this company.

    • Happy before you jump on me for a statement make sure I'm the one that made it (there is talk that pearle may close labs) I did not say that, but I did agree that it was a huge mistake. We have not fully bought in to everything lux is saying but we are not going to hit the panic button quite yet(the finger is poised above it) I can imagine that in their master plan they will only want corp locations and if that is their desire it will happen. I still find it hard to believe that someone hasn't realized that franchises could be more profitable for lux than corp locations. Example: franchisee assumes the rent, payroll, local advertising, staffing, frames, lenses, making sure dr office is covered, utilities, etc. etc. lux collects 15-16 percent each month with none of above headaches. Add in lease that locations will carry 50- 70 percent lux product collect that money plus money when they use Dallas lab. I'm thinking in a decent store this should be 15k/month just in royalties.

      Being a franchise it would be nice to see them get their own house in order before telling us how to improve business. So no, we haven't all drank the Kool Aid but they have offered a small taste and I believe it still needs more sugar, we just have to wait and see.

    • Someone weigh in if this is wrong but the Pearles in the PA region are hiding behind the planters to sneak jobs to their local LC that is in the mall directly across the street from them that is also located 4-8 stores away from the Sears Opt. in the same mall.

      In some cases the Pearles are taking their jobs to LC in another mall instead of right across the street..who knows why?

    • bad.....Just when you think you know it all, huh..???
      The stores that have labs now are surely the exception...the trend is the other way...What I described is real in this (southern) part of the, there is always a L.C. really close to any P.V.C
      Tell me, are these corp P.V.C stores that labs anywhere near a L.C.??
      Their proximaty to L.C. may be a factor

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