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  • retailer.ofthedammed retailer.ofthedammed Oct 25, 2006 2:15 PM Flag


    You can forget getting results with the Regional Manager or Human Resource's, The open door policy is closed, it is all fixed, the regional managers have their favorite GMs that they protect from the unreasonable associates who complain, especially if the store is producing numbers. The corruption runs deep, the system works the same with the RVPs and the more you complain the more they document and target you as the problem(sound familiar?).This is part of their training process. And this my friend justifies and keeps their position secure. They preach their core values and the truth is its all about who you know. The only way to survive is to make yourself available 24/7 cancel your life, if they tell you the sky is red, It is red. Otherwise take your vision and talent and hit the road this is America a free country full of opportunity's,You don't have to be victimized,degraded,demoralized,and continually told you are not good enough by the corporate self serving paycheck collectors that truly could care less about you,and want to keep you working in fear. This has been an inspired vision, inspired by my regional manager.

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    • Thay's true even in the Knoxville,Tn. labs. If you suck up to the bosses and HR staff you can do anything you want to do. The rest of us have to do the work and get treated like dirt. Sometimes the bosses will speak to you the other times they act as if they don't even see you. People eat on the floor ,talk on cell phones, make passes to the supervisor's etc. Yet no one see's or notices this or at least thats how they act. Luxottica REALLY needs to check on Their company before it is run into the ground by the upper management .

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      • Maybe the reason that upper management never installed surveillance cameras in the stores is that they don't want to see the truth!

        Speaking of "security," for those of you that work at Sears Optical locations, do you experience much in the way of frame board theft (especially plans suns). Since there is no door to Sears Optical locations, there have been many frames stolen from the board over time. Lux should protect their inventory better.

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