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  • coursehorsered coursehorsered Nov 2, 2006 12:48 AM Flag

    what kind of counts

    I'm still waiting on some pt counts from the overworked locations. Where is the 160 pt a day store? I would love to have that kind of trafic. The posters that are complaining please give up some numbers, avg. weekly pt count, amount of $ for dr side and $ for retail. I really want to be open minded on this one but I still don't understand why it should take so many to do the job correctly.

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    • I know what you were refering to. I'm sorry. On one of my previous post when I said I hadn't posted on these boards I meant the other ones someone said I posted on. Yes, I have posted on THIS board before. Sorry, for the confusion.

    • Yes, I've never denied that.

    • I am a Co-owner of a Pearle Franchise store in NJ. I do not believe the numbers that the poster was talking about, I would like to know what stores and states they are in. My partner and I have been running our store by ourselves for five years. We have a lab so we make single vision and bifocals. We purchase the frames,clean the store,answer the phones,help schedule doctor appointments,dispense and repair glasses with two people. We are open six days a week,on Sundays when we are closed we do paper work,clean frames and maintain the lab equipment. We sell and make lot of glasses. The corporate posters who are whinning and complaining about working to hard and not having enough time and people to take care of customers need to be thankful they have jobs. Move a little faster work a little harder or find a new career. They are the optical people giving our store a bad name. LUX knows how many people it takes to run a store. Cole Managed Vision was running it's stores into the ground.

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      • I believe they were talking about traffic--not transactions. The traffic counters track traffic coming in and going a 160 count means more like 80. But, that's still a lot of people coming in who have to be helped. The retail stores have these in the malls. In my case, the LC and the doctor's office are separate. It's a busy mall. When you figure 2 associates helping 80 to 100 customers (8 or 10 customers an hour) on a busy Fri., Sat and Sunday, the associates definitely don't have time to talk to each other.

        It's impossible for us to know all the factors in each others operations. But, from what I understand, the 2 franchisees with the 4 people operations that we hear from on this board, are the happy and successful ones.

      • Thanks for letting me know that there are others out there with my belief that a lot of corp employees are not willing to take the blame for the way the stores are being run. I totaly agree it is time for them to quit whining and get to work, maybe a little time management would help. When you are with a dispense get it done and quit the chit chat if no one is waiting take more time with your customers if you are crowded multi task you can reciept one out while the others are browsing. Most patients do not want you hanging over them the entire time they are in the store. I would love to take my staff to some of the corp locations that have twice the staff we have and trade locations for 1-2 weeks just to prove a point. I think lux has a long way to go and a lot of dead weight to cut before the corporate side begins to even resemble a succesfull business model.

        jogindles please keep posting I'm sure this is going to strike a nerve.

      • As a customer I will never buy another pay of glasses from any Lux owned retailers. Their quality has gone down hill over the years and thier service is horrible. You are one of the FEW lucky ones to run your store so easily. Keep up the good work but as far as other areas they are do not have enough people to working to take care of the flow. Once ina Lenscrafters I waited an hour and a half to be taken care of and their one hour service turned into 3 hours and then they had to be remade 5 move time. Yes, five more times. They had scratches, wrong bifocal height, and then tried giving me a noline to substitute the one I ordered because they ran out of blanks of the one I ordered. On the last remake they gave me some money back but it wasn't worth all my trips there and not getting them completely wearable for a month. Any don't even get me started on Pearle and Sears. And memebers of my family have similar situation with all three. You are one of the few lucky ones with Lux. And was Cole running the Sears under? Hmmm, then why would Lux purchase them? Nope Cole wasn't. As far as the whining. Well, tehy can't go to HR or upper management because HR will come after them with a vengency. Although this board isn't totally safe because it is watched by Lux people it is the only place employees can go to vent. Hey, just my .02.

    • Coursehorse--here's your count for a week of just a little over $31,000. These are numbers for a real store (not an imagined one)This is for a store that is typical, I believe, of a Lux store in a busy mall. Traffic--a few over 1325. Highest day was a few over 310--lowest was a few over 125. One day missed the 160 by 5, another by 7.

      I'll give you the retail hours, because those are the frontline people who are greeting those customers, answering the phone, dispensing, troubleshooting any rx or fit problems, answering questions of those without rxs and who are "browsing", adjusting and repairing glasses and most important....trying to sell 2 pairs of glasses to those with rxs.

      Here are 3 days in that week
      Sat.310+ a few, traffic; $6500, Ave Sale, $205----32 retail hours for store hours 10-9
      Fri. 204+a few, traffic; $6000, Ave Sale, $240----28 retail hours for store hours 10-9
      Sun.155+a few, traffic; $3500. Ave Sale, $230----12 retail hours for store hours 12-6.

      These hours are done mainly by 2 to open, 2 to close. There have been tweeks done to the schedule to stagger those 4 people who worked on those days.

      There might be stores whose traffic is 160 a day, but I think "Fine" must have meant 160 in a day or an average of 160 a day. That would be the case in our store. We're in a location where there is a just a lot of traffic in general--popular stores around us and places to eat. On these 3 days I mentioned, families come in together and there are small groups coming in the door to browse and then going back out. It's situations like this that cause us to have to be alert for theft while we're assisting other customers.

      Irregardless, none of us are so smart that we know of all the factors in another store's operation. It does appear that you are one of the few participants who is a happy camper. Good for you and I sincerely hope you are able to stay that way.

    • My problem is that I have the exact opposite problem. These days, I am averaging about 10 pt exams per week! It is just horrible. Lux needs to increase foot traffic badly!

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