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  • crrjy crrjy Jun 14, 2007 10:25 PM Flag

    Why Eyeglass options so EXPENSIVE?

    Priced eyeware at a local Sears Optical today.
    Frame selection was just ok.
    Did find a frame and was given a price that included their new anti reflection coating called EZ Clear.
    I ask how much the glasses would be without the EZ Clear.
    Was told $100 less. I might be stupid by being charged $100 dollars for a lens coating, come on. How can that be?
    Any optical experts out there that can explain?
    If this company can get $100 for a simple coating this stock should fly.

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    • In my opinion the extremely high cost for the upgrades is simply a variant on the old bait and switch. They draw you in by advertising a pair of glasses for $99.00 and after you choose your glasses they push VERY HARD to go for ultra light lenses and/or progressive lens and/or anti reflective coatings and/or a second pair of sun glasses and a warrenty as well. I have seen people come in for a $99 pair of glasses walk out having paid over $300 due to the ups and extras after being badgered into it by the salespeople. Most folks dont have much sales resistance and the sales people make it sound like if you dont get the upgrades you are endangering your life! It is a very sleazy and unethical to run a business in my opinion. BTWq the amounts charged for the upgrades are extremely excessive. If you check the online eyeglass places you will usually see that the cost of the upgrades are HALF of what these chains charge.

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      • Absolutely right on the mark up. But do you have a clue on over head, personnel insurance building expenses etc etc. obviously U have never run a business. How much do you think the steak cost the restaurant? Much less than half what you paid for it. If you think there is no value in getting the higher grade options don't buy. Me I would buy the highest grade anti-reflection coating available. It is by far the most optically enhancing option U can get. But the fact that it has to be applied in several steps/layers I a one million dollar vacuum coating machine my add alittle to the cost?

      • hey guess what, the progressive lenses are included in the $99 sale! BTW we don't push, we consult and we recommend, you choose what you want! Some even walk out paying $99 for progressives and designer frames...everyone has different needs/wants. Try comparing apples to apples and see where you get the best deals...FYI, you get a 90 day guarantee not a warranty and all upgrades are half price. I'd like to see an online optical consult with you and give you a custom fit, maybe you meant contact lenses?!

    • 1-$1 bottle water a day for a year cost more, 1-Starbucks coffee a day for a year, cost more...AND, you can find cheaper, you will be wearing exactly that!

    • Um. why is eyewear so expensive. What do you think that cost to make it is just a piece of metal or plastic right??

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