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  • kjb_61 kjb_61 Sep 22, 2007 10:15 PM Flag

    A Crying Shame @ Atlanta Service Center

    Oh ! So sad the Luxottica ASC, is firing and losing so many associates.
    They terminate those that are in need of a job and have done a job above and beyond expectations,and those that are not terminated are leaving....Then leave it up to someone in Cinncinati to make a decision on your lively hood and all they know about you is what the floor managers and H/R want them to know.
    You'd think someone higher up would look into the issue...
    10 years I was there turnover was Never so high....
    Hummmmm....Maybe management is the real issue and not the associates, H/R there consist of a closed door and if you need something you are given a phone # to call Cinncinatti,
    May GOD forgive them for all the wrong doing that goes on there....Thank GOD I am no longer associated with a company that is so willing to put people out with dis-reqaurd to if it will destroy ones life....

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    • The long rang plan will be to break up the Oakley Customer Service Division and spread them over 5 areas in the United States. Sales will move in with them. That is about 100 or so jobs, mayge 200 or more during the busy season (just CS, not sure on the sales numbers). It may take some time.


      1) Not all divisions of LUX have training available to them. (Footing the bill to be better at your job is up to you.) The link was to show that training is needed.
      2) The pay scale has not kept up with inflation. (I see you didn�t argue about the starting pay!)
      3) Call any LC and see if they will order TRIVEX for you��..
      4) Ask when they�ll be selling CAD-CAM lenses!
      5) Call any Target and ask about the length of the warranty.
      6) The quality should be correct before the lenses ever leave the lab. The quality should be checked again before being dispensed. This is not a �rough draft� but a finished, custom made medical device costing a lot of money.

    • Well, there you go again!!

      You mention poor quality frames made in China, and then you include a link as "proof" that has nothing to do with that. For your information, most companies that are having issues in China outsource or subcontract there. Luxottica has at least one factory there that it owns. The help and management are all Lux employees. Big difference.

      Were the lab results bad? Yes. But isn't that kind of like grading a rough draft if they didn't get a chance to fit them? And as far as lens material goes... that could be a chain limitation. As I recall, Target doesn't offer all the lens choices the other brands do; I guess the correct step there would have been to say "no" to the customer.

      Oh, and by the way, check your facts. Manufacturers warranty is one year.

    • BRAVO !!!

      Right on target. Wherever some people work, they are an EXPERT untill they go on to another job and become an EXPERT again. The cycle never ends.

    • Could you possibly add MORE disclaimers??

      First you cave on the $7.50 starting rate 25 years ago, then you admit you don't know when Lux bought LC, then you're not sure about the benefits.

      Are you sure you know who you work for?

      I agree training should be reimubursed, because the company is gaining the benefit. I would attach maybe a 1-year exclusive right; if the optician left less than one year after certification then they'd owe maybe 50% of the cost. I think that's fair.

      And I think it's in the best long-term interest of ANY employer to pay a wage that will keep their good employees happy. Lux depends a good bit on commission and pay for performance. Maybe THAT's why you're not making much. At any rate, you strike me as someone who makes a lot of noise but not much impact. So more pay wouldn't make you better or happier. So for you, it IS the right rate.

      And what's the deal with dial-up? I'm not an expert on all the brands, but if a store only does 5 transactions a day why pay for DSL? Is it antiquated? Yes. But it also does the job.

      PS: You didn't answer my question, you just started another rant. Classic deflection technique. You really could run for office, with your "facts be damned" approach.

    • Maybe you�re right.
      Okay, let me be more specific.
      I was offered 9.28 in the early 80�s to work for a Lenscrafter�s lab in Chicago. It was not a management position. I did not take the job, as I found a better paying job.

      I don�t know when Lux bought LC. So at that point, maybe LC was not owned by LUX. I may stand corrected there.

      For a person who is classified as part-time, the only educational benefits are: reimbursement for the ABO, NCLE and Florida State Board, upon passing them. There might be some money for CE units (not sure if it applies for part-timers).
      As for what 20K would buy, any stock you want.
      You might want to own companies that make or use Trivex, and companies that are planning to use CAD-CAM for EACH individual spectacle prescription.
      You also might want to make sure that none of its divisions are still using Dialup.
      I think LUX SHOULD BE ASHAMED of offering NO in house training for some of its divisions. They also should be ASHAMED of their pay scale.
      I feel bad about exposing this; but if they�re not ashamed of how they treat their people, than why should I be ashamed to talk about it?
      As for the medical benefits for part-time people, I think there is a yearly max of 5k. (That is one trip to the ER). There may be some more but they are marginal.

    • Searay,

      I doubt if you were around 25 years ago, if you were $7.50 to start was GREAT. That's not what it was.
      25 years ago, you and I didn't work for or ever hear of LUX.
      What training are you paying for that you will not be reimbursed? Do you know your benefits?

      What company would 20K buy? When LUX bought LC, it didn't even have dialup.

    • The people I get to work with in my store are exemplary and the major reason I stay. (That and it is so close to my house.)
      For the Brand that I�m a part of, I am making very little.

      I have checked out the competition and there are reasons to leave. Walmart trains employees in house to become Board Certified. As a part-time employee (who works full time schedules as needed); I am paying for my own training without any help from LUX! And if you�re supposed to work full time but they�ve cut your hours, it�s usually at the expense of someone else being exploited.
      LUX�s starting pay is 7.50 per hour. It hasn�t changed in 25 years. There are too many multiples of difference between what the least paid makes and what the highest paid makes.
      Are you really saying that someone should hold a� full time job �and NOT be able to afford to live with out working two jobs???

      Saying that owing more than a paycheck to an employee is not the law is correct. I disagree as to whether or not it is firmly established on a world wide scale.
      Are you forgetting the turn of the century Union movement HERE?
      The call for 8/8/8, (eight hours work, eight hours family, eight hours sleep) was because �owners�, (like today�s stockholders and upper level management), didn�t care squat for their workers� well being.
      But as demi-gods, they could always find more desperate people!
      LUX hasn�t kept up with the technology out there for lenses. A company like Lux should be leading the way with the best quality of products available; not made in China fames we don�t even warranty after 90 days. That�s a real way to tick off a customer who just paid 500 for a pair of glasses.
      If you doubt the quality of their services, check out this link!
      Since I�m upping my credentials, I can say up theirs.

    • You are lucky you ever got a paycheck. A company does not owe you a living. If you got laid off and don't have any other option, then shame on you for not making yourself more marketable. I would not expect anyone to come to my home and say, "I've sat on my fat azz all my life. Can I have half your retirement money?" Or, how about a student that comes to you, "I didn't study, can I have your A and you take my D?"

      If LUX puts you out on the street, then go find another job. Do your best for the employer that you work for and the chances of you losing your job are less than if then next guy. It's called capitalism. Companies that cater to employees and give them a paycheck that they don't earn are doing them a disservice. Every economy that has tried socialism on a full scale has met with disaster. Capitalism works and NO ONE OWES YOU A LIVING.

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      • So, a company does not owe you a living! Well yeah, it does.
        If you work full time you should receive a LIVING WAGE. Anything less is exploitation. (And this is done at the expense of also exploiting and overworking the workers at the labs that are left.)
        Why should the people making the least be the very ones to have their hours cut back? You could save a lot more money adjusting the hours and the salaries of those making 6 figures.
        You are so out of touch with reality. How could you go to school when you are making so little and have no security of a 40 hour week? Or maybe you advocate the socialism of free education and food stamps.

    • What a real whinner you are. Lux has treated there people with great respect over the years. Do your job and stop whinning.

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      • NO.....Spoken like a salaried employee!
        If you are in management or a stockholder this is a good company.
        But don't tell me this company cares about All it's people.

        Everyone needs to be respected and appreciated by their employer. They do hire as few full time salaried people as they can get away with.... for the rest of us, they regularly cut back hours as they want to. It is hard to plan monthly expenses when you don't know how many hours you'll be working!
        What this company needs is real competition. Someone who will offer better products (they're out there, more wavefront technology) and wages (more than 1% commission), with better prices!
        But until then, they are the bully on the block and the major employer so they set the rules of the game!
        I agree that it was a shame for them to close Atlanta's lab.

        They will overwork the other 3 labs (with as many part-timers as they could hire so they don't have to pay vacations and real medical coverage... not nominal medical coverage!)
        There is a difference between whinning and calling out the truth. The point of this post was that these people in Atlanta want to do their jobs, but the jobs are no more.

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