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  • gm_lc gm_lc Apr 15, 2008 12:01 PM Flag


    1.) Fear mongering (or scaremongering): Is the use of fear to leverage the opinions and actions of others towards some end. The object of fear is exaggerated; those the fear is directed toward are kept aware of it on a constant basis.

    2.) Constant use of Luxottica Retail to quell the complaints of employees.

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    • You think in a thread entitled Fearmongering that we would want to divulge such infomation...

      I do know what region eyechic worked in!

    • A relative of mine was an RDO with Lenscrafters. Operative word is WAS. Would you care to divulge which region or part of the country you were in. I am curious if it was the same. We still have a lot of friends in LC as well


    • the only way LC can sell their over priced products is to offer this return policy.
      Plus EVERY few people ever use it...

    • Believe it when I say we haven't had a GM in the store in over 6 months. Can't go into all the details, but please believe it.

    • It is unfortunate that employees have to come to message boards to air the complaints. Just imagine that for every one of you, there are a few hundred with the same mentality out there in our stores.

      Lux is making some very basic mistakes from the management of Pearle franchise and corporate stores to the way Target, Sears and managed care is being handled by carving out Dr's that haven't realized that this strategy can legally backfire. Even the "new store" location and layout for Pearle has been a disaster. The sense of elite service and urgency is gone from LC. Morale is low all across the board perhaps mirroring the greater economy in the US. As an outsider looking at the Texas market, they have no clue and I think this area is just a snapshot of the whole nation. I think the problem is one too many fat cats inherited from Pearle and one to many fat cats in Lux. It is hard to think that a big corporation such as this can't find talent.

    • I really tried to stay away, but it's like driving by an accident... you just have to look.

      For the record, I DO believe most of what I read on the board. It's real world, and I get that. I'm just saying it's only a slice of the real world. Take the DM comment-- obviously that's someone whose DM is a joke. Or someone who's being pressed for unreasonable results. But it could also be someone who's not getting the job done and doesn't like being confronted with their own shortcomings.

    • Tell Lowly to believe whats on this board.
      99.9% on the negative comments are true.

    • To crrjy:
      Below is a post by you some time back. Were you a customer then? All of your other posts indicate you are employed at one of the Sears Optical stores. No wonder Lowly doesn't believe most of what he reads on this board.

      "Priced eyeware at a local Sears Optical today.
      Frame selection was just ok.
      Did find a frame and was given a price that included their new anti reflection coating called EZ Clear.
      I ask how much the glasses would be without the EZ Clear.
      Was told $100 less. I might be stupid by being charged $100 dollars for a lens coating, come on. How can that be?
      Any optical experts out there that can explain?
      If this company can get $100 for a simple coating this stock should fly."

    • Forget about the GM, and the regional managers.
      Where do they find these District managers????
      Total waste of payroll. Most have no clue what is
      going on in the optical world.

    • I agree with you 95%. I think you're totally right that for most employees, it comes down to who's managing them and how their treated, and that definitely applies to the regional as well... maybe even more.

      I think you're over-generalizing a bit about it taking months to get a new GM, that's not what I've seen, but it sounds like that's been the case around your area. Sounds like maybe you have a regional that's not "in the know" as you generously put it. Lets hope for everyones sake that his boss IS. In the end, it all comes down to who you have running the store/ region/ brand, doesn't it?

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