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  • Luccheses Luccheses May 4, 1998 10:36 AM Flag

    Good news raised its rating of LUX from a "HOLD"
    to a "BUY". That says a lot seeing that most, if
    not, all market makers had it at "HOLD" for quite some
    time. Also, Italy was added to the EMU. May have (or
    will) had an effect (for the better) on LUX also. Does
    not matter that it only INCHES-up. That it's going UP
    is key!

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    • I'm really impressed by your warmth and
      If you're not a paid spokesman for the co, you ought
      to be.
      I have to admit, I bought in a while back
      becasue of the Merrill upgrade and split.
      My only
      other exposures to glasses was Oakley (disaster), but
      LUX seemed to have a lot going for it, including a
      lot of optometrists who thought it was "top dog"...

    • If a stock can drop for some unknown reason, it can also go up for the same unknown reason. Our impatience is our only enemy. Believe me.

    • The stock went up and down before the split
      because of the talk of split. (And that is the only
      reason) Nothing major will happen to his stock unless we
      get some kind of news. It takes more than good
      numbers to move this stock. Why!! because not very many
      people know about Lux. And who is going to give money to
      someone they don't know. So I'll say it again!!! If
      something big happens this will move the stock and will
      move up . I like this company. They will do something
      big, but we just have to wait to see if they do!!!

      I think if they get into the manged-care business(I
      heard) this could be very good for the stock.

    • what do you think well make Lux more volitile than it already is.

    • upgrades are done on strong sales and good
      management.with summer comming on i would believe sunglass sales
      would rise in general. i am planning to hold thru
      summer unless a good rise in stock price, my personal
      opinon is lux is lagging the market and in due time it
      well rise.

    • good response to that upgrade, huh?

      • 1 Reply to zrobster5
      • LUX doesn't seem to get any publicity. Even the
        earnings have yet to appear in Yahoo! The upgrade I
        mentioned today was not "announced" anywhere. It so
        happened I checked today and there it was within
        the "First Call" chart. This is a foreign company. An
        ADR. Nobody seems to know about this company. It's not
        a darling like DELL. You really have to dig to get
        anything on LUX. Whatever I find, I just pass it along to
        my fellow investors. E-you later.

    • your news is in good timing and you do great reserch.The first and only news i get is usally here thanks a bunch well be looking forward to hearing more thanks again.

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