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  • M_I_G_Flyover M_I_G_Flyover Nov 19, 1998 12:52 AM Flag

    Nah!! Couldn't Be LUX

    Although the timing of my message may have been
    appropriate relative to the news release from BOL, in my mind
    I think the BOL news confirmed that it won't be LUX
    buying the sunglass unit. Why would BOL hire an outside
    firm to analyze the possibilities, if they could have
    come to an agreement with LUX on their own. Unless???
    the negotiations got to a point where they couldn't
    agree on a price and BOL brought these outsiders in as
    mediators to determine fair market value. Anything is
    possible I guess.

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    • I belive someone posted $400 mil because their
      worldwide revenues for 1997 were $467 mill. We all know
      that they have not shown a profit for many years, but
      inter-company transfers have probably made them the whipping
      post. It will take someone a long time in due diligence
      before arriving at a final price if it ever get's that

      Let's remember who is #1 in the North
      America market place from an optical frame point of view.
      A company called Marchon. I would not count them
      out of the BOL bidding race. LUX has Briko, Safilo
      has Smith, Marchon has no one. Just a thought. This
      will be about bragging rights. There will be no
      shortages of ego's involved in this purchase.

    • There have been several numbers thrown around the
      board which warrant comment.

      No doubt some
      laser eye refractive correction procedures do cost 4K,
      however I think the typical cost is now 1K - 2K. (In most
      cases, laser discussions are per eye and not referancing

      The demographics of the US population is certainly
      very favorable to the eye care industry, but a
      doubling in five years is vastly over-stated. The US pop.
      grows around 2%/yr. I think the eyewear pop. grows an
      incremental 1 or at most 2% more than that. Meaningful but a
      long way from 2X in 5 yrs. Accelerated product
      purchase cycles and upgraded product seelctions likely are
      greater components of growth.

      spectacles have an annual US market of around 90 million, or
      180 million eyes. Laser procedures are around 0.4
      million eyes. Lasers are in rapid growth and certainly
      will affect the industry, but now and for the next few
      years at minimum, the laser (on a unit basis) will be
      barely measurable in the overall market. (The $ impact
      will be much greater, I acknowledge.)

      has posted a 400 million price for B&L's Rayban
      division. Has anyone seen this published? A guess only?

      Any further views on solid numbers about the industry
      would enhance the utlitity of the board.

    • Spastic, what an appropriate name. Did you too use your monopoly money to buy some Lux stock.

    • Taking a 17% gain over a 1 or 2 week period is a
      move I wish I had made.Until LUX comes up with some
      positive news this type of activity will continue.Congrats
      lisciano.My previous statement(503) seems to be confirming

      Do everyone a favor, and get lost

    • I too am tired of Lisceno(sic) coming and going.
      Because of the name one might believe that this person
      had inside knowledge; however, after having read this
      board since it began, I think that person has little
      more than a large ego.

      As for Ray Ban... at
      this time no upscale optical would carry them.
      However, they did have a good name at one time. Perhaps
      they could do so again. Just a thought.

    • Do you think that LUX is so smart and BOL isn't

      You think LUX can just step in and make maoney on
      RayBan ?
      BTW the price on RayBan is 400 Million.
      Pretty big price for a Name.
      I would run for the
      hills if LUX buys RayBan. Don't forget, its not exactly
      easy for LUX to sell what they already make ! I think
      400 M can be put to better use.

    • If lux bought Ray-Ban they would probably just be
      buying the name. They would most likley take over
      production, sales, and stop the Huge discounting. It's just a
      name game. Lux would have no problem making money!

      As far as vision correction! It is still $4000 a
      pop! And the Baby Boomers are getting older!!! In 5
      Years there will be twice as many people that need
      correction than today!!!! They still don't even Know if
      corrective surgery lasts.

    • bigger looming problems for LUX. Of course they
      are rumored to be trying to buy RayBan. The only
      problem is RayBan has been a money looser since 1995. If
      they do buy market could react negatively as it would
      be another drain on earnings. It just doesn't make
      sense. The other big issue is the rapid advancement of
      vision correction surgery.

    • Good analysis. LUX has enough glasses to sell
      without buying more to sell. I don't see it. In addition
      BOL would not announce to the world that the division
      is for sale if buyers were beating down it's
      LUX needs to get help SELLING the lines they now
      have. Um who could it be now.

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