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  • flybytrades flybytrades Jul 14, 1999 3:27 PM Flag

    LUX on CNBC

    Bob Pisani reported on LUX on CNBC today. For
    details, see CNBC Specials. The site may be accessed
    through the following

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    • The real issue for all of the large eyeglass
      chains is that there is a difference between customer
      perception of value and what they deliver. THis also
      appplies to the opticians and the other ODs etc. SOmebody
      gets a reasonable set of frames and progressive lenses
      and some extras like scratch coatings, UV protection,
      Anti-reflective coatings and get billed for $300+. THey then ask
      why and don't go back for about 2 years. Can't build
      a great business without getting the customer back
      sooner than that.

    • If service is all that Lux is about then why did
      they screw the shareholders of US Shoe bonds in the
      initial buyout, why do they have advertising gimmicks
      running to lure the public in to be taken advantage of,
      why do they have to have gimmicks like LAP to try to
      win back the independents, and why is EyeMed not
      signing up members in record numbers? The patient is not
      the focus, the customer is.

    • sounds to me like you are blowing a lot of hot
      air without the facts. Lux owns lenscrafters and my
      wife is manager and has been for ten years, and their
      number one focus is customer service. As a matter of
      fact most of her yearly bonus is tied to customer
      service and her bonus has risen every year. Know your
      facts buddy before you try to sound like a
      wannabe. So gimmick this

    • Lux is better managed than both Cole and Vista
      but has the same
      fundamental problem of poor
      customer service that most large Optical chains have. See
      what is happening at both Cole and Vista - Cole's
      president has resigned after the Pearle acquisition and the
      stock went from 45 to 6. Vista (NVAL/Wal Mart) is
      preparing to file for bankruptcy. The gimmicks that Lux
      will continue to rollout will only work if the
      gullible continue to believe this nonsense.

    • Bionic Tounge, you seem to be in the thick of things. What do you know of the Arnette buisness? What do you believe LUX's plans are for the brand, the current management and field sales reps?

    • Word from a source in the Italian optical
      industry is that up to 800 production workers will be
      hired to pick up the production from the US / Mexican
      plants shut down recently. Can anybody confirm this.

    • lux needs the hut... i don't think so. lux needs
      "pearl vision" under the fold. the hut is good but far
      from a requirement of lux. they could open their own
      version of the "hut" and smoke 'em why would they pay
      very much for their faggot kiosks?

    • lux should be able to gain ground at the hut with
      the rb sales team controlling a large portion of
      their total sales. The hut needs lux as much as lux
      need the hut. They will figure it out rather than
      expand non important brands. Lenscrafter on the other
      hand has a tremendous opportunity to grow the lux
      sunglass brands if they would create a kiosk in the front
      part of each store. Well trained employees could
      change the buying habits at each mall in america. This
      would probably take place if the hut did not respond
      well to lux brands. Bottom line the hut will not be
      happy with one vendor controlling so much of their

    • How do you see LUX making greater inroads at the
      Hut as a result of them owning the brands? Remember,
      a chief mall competitor of the Hut is also owned by
      LUX, Lenscrafters. That fact alone certainly won't
      make for a "warm and fuzzy" initial meeting between
      the two.

    • I find it interesting how LUX has made the move
      against Ray-Ban sales folks, then in the recent issue of
      VM I see a Want Ad placed by LUX for sales reps to
      sell those brands. Did Claudio finally realize that he
      overpaid for the business and now holds a vendetta against
      all who stand for the company?

      Regarding your
      comment to re-think their position. That ain't goin' to
      happen. The Italian contingent is taking this one
      opportunity to downsize the business (revenues) to their
      ability to manage. If you set your goals low enough, you
      might reach them.

      If they think they can add
      staff to swoop down and pick up the other channels
      later, that ain't goin' to happen either. This is a
      small industry. What they have done here to dismantle a
      highly trained and respected group of people, along with
      the hand print they already left in the industry with
      their failure of Briko in the U.S., could there be
      anybody, who has a working knowledge of the industry, that
      would have interest in working for them. It's only my
      guess, but, NOT.

      Of course these are my opinions,
      and if you compare my net worth with the DelVecchios
      (sp?), they win. It will be interesting how this all
      plays out.

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