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  • roselady83 roselady83 Aug 13, 2001 2:42 PM Flag


    Lets get the maturity level up a bit on this board. Oakley and Lux have had bad blood between them for many years. They will both come up with strategies that will get them past this.

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    • yeah, "all 2nd hand" brands that they picked up for a couple of bucks after the brands couldn't cut it against OO!! Go OO!!!!

    • I'm convinced that at $11 or $12 OO is undervalued. I got in at $12.30 and therefore in a position to wait and see.

      You're right that it's freaky tosee that announcing 130 more doors can cause such a stir. I basically take the American market for granted and with or without SGH I think OO's sales will grow steadily there. What makes me a believer in the OO stock is the foundation which has been laid in Europe and other overseas markets which are very promising. Even though Okaley has been available for quite some time in Germany, Italy, the Benelux, UK Spain, France but also in Australia, New Zealand and the Far East the Oakley hype has only just started to gain momentum. Everything is in place: well-organised sales forces, marketing (check out the product placement in Formula 1, nobody can beat that), growing dealer networks and growing awareness of the brand.

      130 more Champs outlets is peanuts compared with that !

    • Are you not troubled by the growing volatility on this stock now ? Granted it's a small company, but it seems a little volume can really move the price now.

    • Not Web.

    • Good morning,

      D'you think an anouncement of Arnette being sold in a couple of more Champ stores would have the same impact on LUX's share price as what you can see at OO at this very moment ?

      Told you: OO is different !

    • You're right, they're sunglass brands. OO goes beyond that.

      Apart from maybe Ray Ban none of the brands mentioned has the right stuff to compete with OO. It has been tried with Killer Loop (remember, "Benetton Sport Systems" etc. !!). The reason is that all these sunglasses they produce are probably briefed by Product managers and designed by teams who also work on some other collections. They don't "live" the brand, and don't identify with the brands they work on like the OO people in Foothill Ranch do.

      Fortunately for OO LUX doesn't have the possibilitiy to diversify with those brands into other apparel products. Again, that's what makes Oakley different.

    • A conspiracy theorist? Give me a break. Sorry if I offended but at risk of repeating myself I will just state "dig deeper". That's all I'm going to be able to say on the subject. Anyone have a new subject to start? :)

    • Revo, Ray-Ban, Persol, Web, Briko, Arnette, Killer-Loop ARE NOT licensed brands They own the all the names

    • That's because OO and LUX in del V.'s opinion weren't in the same business. His business was, and for the moment still is, about marketing and production of licenced brand names. OO was producing and marketing its own product, creating its own brand. Only recently did Del V. recognize OO as a real competitor to stay.

    • Not true - bad blood only started once OO reacted to LUX purchase of Ray Ban from Bausch and Lomb and encroached into their territory. LUX strategy is already very clear - OO's is flashing on their website....Easy to see the winner.

      ps - i bought OO share because the stock is cheap regardless of the RAYS situation. It will never go back to $ 20 of course but if they say and do the right things it should creep back up to mid-teens.

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