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  • cocoon45 cocoon45 Mar 23, 2011 1:01 AM Flag

    Burger King & Coke

    They blew what could of been a great alliance with Burger King (funnel fries). Rumor has it the co marketing agreement with Coke is on the brink. In 2000 CEO predicted 1 billion in sales by 2006. Well, it's 2011. Where is the 1 billion in sales? Sale the company to stronger hands. Please . Own 17,000 shares accumulated over several years. Unfortunately, my voice is meaningless. I'm just a small fish in a big sea.

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    • After attending the annual meeting this year I came to the conclusion that this trash talking , animal loving CEO will NEVER sell this company. Additionally, he will never pay a premium to buy an established brand name. So we are left with the annual rags to riches story that the CEO loves to tell until it gets nauseating. He won't swing for the home run so we are left hoping he'll sell a few more pretzels or a few more ICEES. Where is the healthy snack? Would love to get out of my position if we ever see 50 again. Losing Vince was a big blow to this co; make no mistake about it.

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      • Their web site is outdated.
        It hasn't been updated in two years. It's pathetic. The stock qualrupled when Vince was around. Well, Vince is gone. Who is the right hand man left to guide the CEO these days, his german shepherd? During the worst economic recession in decades they had opportunties to buy companies on the cheap. They could have easily have reached the 1 billion in sales if they stopped trying to buy only obscure bankrupt product lines. They are left with a hodge podge of products and probably will not see 1 billion in sales anytime soon. They could of bought back the stock when it was in the 20's but again they were not willing to be aggressive. If we ever see 50 again I'm out of here.

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