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  • do_lo_smith do_lo_smith Jan 16, 2014 12:30 PM Flag

    More than 6,000,000 traded in Vancouver

    Just over 200,000 in NY.

    Has the Komodo Dragon finally arrived?

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    • Go roll some noodles Do-Schmo. Your bag holding days are hardly over. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

    • Had not looked at GWM in quite awhile till it pooped up on my screen for the sudden increase in price. They did a mini pilot in a lab setting. Not sure what that is but suspect it is a non structured lab using glassware. I have not read financials in about 9 months so I went back and read Q3. they went through a little more than 20M in Q3 and had just a little more cash than that left. Since I did not see any extrodary cash coming in, they should go broke this Q. Could someone please explain how these lab results caused a 50+% price increase? Also all the old problems like receivables being 1/4 of the payables still exist so they still have a lot less cash than what is shown. Why should I expect any thing but a fire sale in near future? Are people buying on this info without even reading last Q report? With out considering what it will take to take the lab process and make a plant? How we were told years ago a full plant was less than a year away and now it is a process in a lab flask? What piece of news am I missing? Surly this stock cannot be going up on this!

    • over 8m shares traded now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy