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  • do_lo_smith do_lo_smith Jun 9, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

    See You Later REE Stock

    Do have three REE stock...GWM, Lynas and Ucore. All three down mucho (that a little Spanish lingo). Do get depressed (that mean sad) with them. As of today, these three will be deleted from Do's Yahoo portfolio . Do will still own them. Do will just not look at them everyday.Maybe next year Do will check in to see the price.

    In China, there is a saying about watching a pot of water boil. If a person watch it, the water will never boil. That the tactic Do will employ here. Maybe when these prices are checked next year, they will be "boiling".

    In meantime, Do, wife and girlfriend will do some traveling. Enjoy selves. Do still have TC, PAL and four uranium stock. Precious metal, two condo and monthly money stream into bank account. Do decide not to buy Winnebago. It too small...especially if the ladies get into petty argument. Life is good. Do want to enjoy before the democrat ruin the country.

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    • This is finally one case where shaman finally agrees with dolo. GWMGF is just sitting in account while shaman actively trades o&g securities. Still holding all shares and have not sold. We'll just hope for the best. Hopefully the world will wake up from the depression, need to start manufacturing again and GWMGF will get funding.Cheers

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Do, don't be too down about your ree stocks, although seeing no volume here, imo, is alarming. You imo, had the good sense to diversify into producers of moly, copper, gold, with a sprinkle of silver mixed in.

      That company is getting their t-meds taken care of early, and speaking of early, is due to release Q2 production numbers early next month. Some here, and on SH, talk about robust this or that, but I actually expect TC to produce ROBUST earnings in the relatively near future, likely BEATING estimates.

      Yep', they are FULLY funded, PRODUCING commercially, and what they produce right now, are all moving, UP! Imo, that likely bodes well for the pps, whereas with ree stocks, they've gotten crushed. Yes, other mining stocks have also gotten crushed, but some look to rebound, while imo, others look to flounder, based upon executing, or not. Take care.