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    This is why the stock is going to .10...BUGS has the technology AND the expertise needed right now

    Microbics Subsidiary Completes Successful TechnologyDemonstration For Major Energy Company.
    Publication: Business Wire
    Date: Thursday, November 30 2000
    Business Editors

    CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 30, 2000

    Sub-Surface Waste Management Inc. (SSWM), a subsidiary of U.S. Microbics Inc. (OCTBB:BUGS) said today that it successfully completed a 100 day technology demonstration of its patented Bio-Raptor(tm) ex-situ bioremediation system FOR THE TREATMENT OF HYRDROCARBON CONTAMINATED SOIL.

    SSWM treated over 1,000 cubic yards of petroleum impacted soil for a confidential major U.S. energy company. The client is under an administrative order to clean-up over 500,000 cubic yards of petroleum production impacted soils in a western U.S. location. SSWM WAS SUCCESSFUL IN REDUCING OVER 96% OF THE TOTAL PETROLEUM HYDROCARBONS OF CONCERN IN APPROXIMATELY 30 DAYS.Further work at the site is dependent upon the client negotiating a final clean-up limit for those quantities of impacted soils to remain on-site once treated. The Bio-Raptor(tm) system proved extremely efficient in removing "tar ball" materials and inoculating soils at an average sustained rate of 500 tons per hour.

    Bruce Beattie, president of SSWM stated, "I am very pleased at the speed and efficiency our Bio-Raptor(tm) treatment system technology was able to demonstrate to our client and the State regulatory agencies. With proven and proprietary microbial technology and an engineering services group to successfully deliver it to the field on a pay-for-performance basis, our shareholders should be very excited about the near and long term targeted revenue we are pursuing."

    SSWM concentrates its efforts on ex-situ bioremediation and in-situ remediation of hydrocarbons, such as MTBE, which can contaminate the ground water system. A proprietary product named MTBEctomy(tm) has been shown to reduce MTBE levels to regulatory requirements within a week after initial treatment, far faster than many alternative technologies.

    For further information about SSWM, contact Bruce Beattie at 760/918-1860, ext. 103 or to learn about the company visit the Web site at

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