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  • dianegest71 dianegest71 Dec 15, 2011 12:12 PM Flag

    Making dodo

    A desperate short,lol.

    I bought more this week at $30.67.Short more dodo and cover at $34,lol.

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    • This is the time of year for book signings events and so many people line up to to ask a question or get one for a gift for the holidays. Very busy!

    • I see that Westnut posts at 5am in the morning,clearly a loser in life with no wife and probably a virgin.

    • It's tragic and hopefully as dementia kicks in she will be surrounded by family or a support group from the temple.

    • Diane are your crazy,,you should really see a doctor.(I have a question dose anyone know what Al Capone died of ?)

    • But do you really think that real investors would put any stock in what he says (short) or you say (long) based on your comments on a message board where anything might be real or phoney? A real investor can see instantly that there is no business knowledge in your posts that pertain to this company. Maybe other wannabe's might be influenced with a good story but not with idle boasts and whining....maybe not even then. Far too much time spent on Rue Delusional.

    • You're a chicken and a loser.You wouldn't pay anyway.

      Also,the fact that you short Macy's and post on message boards in attempt to bring down the stock price(not working despite your attemts) is something the S.E.C. is trying to stop.

      Speak to an S.E.C. enforcement officer and ask them if what you are doing is legal.

    • I would suggest leaving personal comments about poster's out of this since it nothing to do with the stock. In most cases, the comments of a poster (delusional in many cases) says more about them than anything you could write or even imagine.

    • Ya i figured you would back out,I don't know Mr westnash( we even have different position in M) But I would trust him.Beside I am ok with losing a 1000. too see you are a liar. Remember yesterdays close was $31.47.And to fly and meet you somewhere not an option ( I picture you a old worn out hooker with tattoos and may have contagious disease) I am spending this holidays with my family

    • Sorry, I am not involved or interested to be in this bet, even as a bystander.

      M has some wind behind its sails and is likely to go's just a question when it will stall or decline.

      Compare DG to M over the last year and you see where the trend has gone...M just hopes it can outlast the other Brick and Morter Department stores to be the only game in town...and maybe it can.

      Diane seems to have never provided any analysis or insight into a company...just screeching and unsubstantiated claims that anyone could make...take it for what its worth (not much).

    • I wouldn't trust Westnut with a $1 but I am willing to increase the bet to $10000,meet you in person with copies of my purchases from my broker.


      P.S. Didn't you just love Terry on Mad Money tonight talking about how well Macy's is doing despite the warm weather?

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