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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Feb 24, 2012 12:02 PM Flag

    Poor pathetic jonn

    The poor underwater short posted 24 times yesterday.

    What is pathetic is that he actually thinks that people pay attention to his drivel and he can impact the stock price.

    There was guy like jonn on the MSO board a few years ago who went by "zeke." He made a stupid decision to buy out-of-the-money $20 calls as MSO was dropping like a rock after its famous short squeeze ran out of gas. He timed it so the calls wouldn't expire until after the 4Q and FY reports came out. MSO lost money and the calls expired worthless.

    Not the brightest bulb, "zeke" resurfaced over two years ago as "lovemakingmoney" and sunk money into MSO at $8 a share. He is down about 50%.

    At this point he is obsessed with me (resents my success trading MSO using options) and stalks me on these boards from midnight to sunrise. Unable to sleep, he is obsessed with one-starring my messages (a trick he used as "zeke" years ago). He has nearly 100 IDs. He can't sleep since M sued MSO

    These losers are pathetic, but they are entertaining. They will always tell you they are ahead, but their desperate posting all day long proves they are well in the red.

    "zeke" aka "lovelosingmoney" will come by and one-star this message. I believe that he has actually had a breakdown over his losses in MSO and MPG. It's sad really.

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