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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Oct 7, 2012 8:59 PM Flag

    simple is always better

    LIke most babbling right wing nuts, it helps if you have your head up where the sun don't shine and ignore reality.

    DJIA six weeks after Bush leaves office with the economy in free fall - 6626

    DJIA after almost four years of President Obama - 13,610

    Obama has been the investors' best friend

    Jobs killed by Bush - 10 million

    Jobs created under President Obama - 4.5 million

    The jobs created number would have been higher if we weren't burdened with a do-nothing GOP House for the last two years.

    Brain dead Romney thinks that negotiating $716 billion of excessive cost out of Medicare is "cutting" Medicare. No benefits have been cut.....duh!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • That excessive cost is reimbursement to hospitals and doctors. A lot of good it will do for everybody to have health coverage that no one will accept. As for the bogus jobs report, the action in retail stocks and the bond market tell you all you need to know about it's veracity.

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