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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Oct 14, 2012 9:26 PM Flag

    Romney has a 4 point lead -Poor Clawmeister

    Yet another inane post from the MSO board's resident village idiot, who used to call himself "lovemakingmoney." The irony is that his two forays into MSO have been disasters and he has been reduced to a pitiful life of attacking me with his various "disguise" IDs.

    The poor soul actually believes that what is posted on Yahoo boards affects the price of a stock and that it is my "bashing" that resulted in MSO going into the tank and him losing twice (the bozo also got into MPG and COOL).

    He is a "little schmuck" both figuratively.and literally..

    I have a put position in MSO and can't wait for the Appeals Court to reject MSO's appeal so the Supreme Court can kill the MSO/JCP deal. It will be my fift profitable MSO put position in the last fifteen months. I also have a nice M call position that is well in the green!

    That's when the schmuck's $8 MSO shares go to $2

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Look at the putz with the big mouth.The Dummocrats boo Israel at their convention and this putz supports Obama and the Dummocrats nevetheless thinking he'll make and made an extra buck with them.The putz thinks Obama's policies caused the market to go up.He is losing his putz shorting MSO,LOL,losing bubby and zaydies gelt,what a putz.

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      • All that anger lovelosingmoney. It's not my fault that you missed out on the Obama market because you put your money into dogs like MSO, MPG and COOL.

        DJIA went from 6500 to 13,000 under Obama while you lost $10,000 on a stupid Mar $20 MSO out-of-the-money crap shoot, and followed up with a dumb buy of MSO at $8.

        When Macy's prevails in Manhattan Supreme Court and the German's win their suit for Martha's illegal Chinese knock-offs of German knives, M is going to rocket to $50 and MSO is going to drop to $2.

        Since you are a financial failure, it is no coincidence that you are anti-Semitic. Freud described one of your many psychological problems (we won't get into your sexual identity issue "linda") as "porttfolio envy." It bothers you that mine is much, much bigger than yours.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • ur that #$%$ freak "Sandy" lol lol!
      the "Worst Investor of The Year" winner lol!!!!!

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      • LOL, the MSO board's resident pervert trots out two of his IDs in this thread.

        What's the matter MSO board betch, can't show your face on that board anymore?

        As nicely as my MSO puts are doing, my M calls are doing even better.

        Your $8 MSO is heading to $2 when M gets through with them in court. Martha has seen the light and is doing commercials for M. I guess that Ellen is doing such a good job for JCP that they don't need Martha. Maybe JCP has taken a look at M's suit against them for tortious interference and is thinking of dropping Martha altogether.

        I'm glad I'm me with MSO puts. It must suck being you with MSO shares that you paid $8 for that can't stay above $3. Particularly with the $10,000 you lost with that dumb out-of-the-money Mar $20 MSO call fiasco a few years ago. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice.........

        Sentiment: Buy

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