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  • joplinclerk joplinclerk Oct 18, 2012 11:31 PM Flag

    Macy's Store Joplin, Missouri #613 Not Paying Employees

    The sure sign a corporation is in financial trouble is when it defrauds it's employees out of their wages and benefits promised by the company in it's employee handbook. Macy's store 613 in Joplin, Missouri, has been doing this to several employees I have worked with. Macy's owes me more than $3,000 not much to you guys on Wallstreet but a lot to clerks earning just under $300 a week.
    My last weekly paycheck as Macy's Clerk in the Joplin Store was less than $15 dollars.
    Now I am looking for work somewhere else. I was the ONLY clerk on duty in my department
    last time I worked. How's that for good Customer Service?

    Macy's took full advantage of employees after the Joplin Tornado and started Sweatshop Practices of
    letting employees work more hours based upon the number of credit cards we opened. And began laying off or dis-missing employees who stood up to crooked and dis-honest and unethical managers.
    Some just quit.

    The Joplin Store's management really needs a good investigation by the Missouri Attorney General's
    Office, and the store needs new ethical managers and the Senior HR who lies to employees needs to be dismissed. She has cause trouble at the Springfield Macy's Store as well, according to my latest Sales Manager.

    Well Cincinatti, you may not like this, INSIDE INFORMATION ABOUT MACY"S but IT IS THE TRUTH, THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT MACY's!

    Macy's HR even sent us a letter in the mail about how we as Macy Employees might qualify for welfare benefits do to our low incomes. May if Macy's paid their employees we would not have to
    chose between buying gasoline to drive to work or food to eat at home.


    And I urge no one to work for Macy's Department Stores in Missouri, or shop there, because the merchandise is Chinese junk, the stores never carry advertised products, and the coupons never work on purpose.

    Chairman Lundgreen tell the truth. Quit cheating Salesclerks out of there wages and hiring liars for managers.


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    • well that is a total disgrace and i believe what you are saying. I am a share holder and i intend to sale stock tomorrow. Have talk to employees in dfw area and they seem to have issues as well. Profit i have made but i dont like the sound of this practice. Macys should pay a good wage and i agree that quality isnt that great. Good luck to you and all macy employees.I also notice executives selling large quanities,my few thousand want matter but there 36,000 shares make me also wonder why they are selling? Those coupons are worthless i must admit,silly and puts associates in a bad situation.Thats another problem ,you need a lawyer to read the silly coupons.. thanks for sharing

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    • You wrote:

      "Macy's HR even sent us a letter in the mail about how we as Macy Employees might qualify for welfare benefits do to our low incomes"

      Can you post a copy of or transcribe the text of the letter you mention? I would be curious...and it would also refute certain skepticisms.

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