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  • greatday43 greatday43 Nov 19, 2012 4:13 AM Flag

    Donald Trump is a growing cancer on Macy's

    Freedom of Speech most definitely is our specific right guaranteed under the Constitution.

    The Republican Governors certainly "got the message" sent by the majority from this past Presidential Election. The message of hate and exclusion cost them dearly. And they understand the necessity of distance from ultra right wing minorities such as "birthers" and "Tea Party". Just as they understand the damage stupid candidates make with ill advised "rape comments" which turn off so many voters, including myself. Just as they understand that pandering only to a "white vote" is the road to ruin for the Republican Party.

    The Civil War ended 140+ years ago, yet this "superior white folks" attitude lurks in the shadows all these many years. A clear majority reject this ugliness as shown by the solid re-election of President Obama. The Democrats carried, by wide margins, all groups aside from the "white vote" and won the election hands down.

    I am a 69 year old white male raised in the South. Under no circumstances was I raised by my Southern Baptist parents to treat others with such utter disrespect. My sainted father was a minister and among the kindest people I've seen. He's been gone now nearly 30 years but his kind loving reputation in my former home town remains to this day. During the problems over race in the 60's he and the Board of Deacons in our Southern Baptist Church recommended to the congregation to welcome anyone to worship, anyone. It passed without a single "no" vote.

    karenfurnish - whatever side you chose is your business. A right and a wrong exists here, and your attitude in my opinion is wrong. All this ugly race based hate doesn't work and must end, even if it takes the passing of another generation. Which perhaps won't take but a few more election cycles.

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    • karenfurnish - explain to me and those reading the "why" part of your denial of established fact surrounding President Obama's live birth in the State of Hawaii? If not based upon race, what is it? No other President's place of birth became questioned. Senator McCain was born in Panama during the time his family was stationed there - but that raised no question. Governor Romney pointed out he'd not been asked for his birth certificate.

      So? Tell us please, what "fact" do you use as a base for your belief?

    • greatday I strongly agree with everything you said but one thing. Where in any of this did I say anything about race? I am not a racist person & have never made a racist comment in my life. So I don't understand why you are saying this and to add to this I don't HATE anyone. Not even people who have hurt me in ways that no person should ever be hurt.... So I just want to go on the record saying that I in no way have any "race based hatred" for anyone.

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