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  • garyft54 garyft54 Nov 22, 2012 10:10 AM Flag


    Karen,I agree with everything you said.Remember when Obama went to Cairo in 2009 and said that when he hears the Islamic call for morning prayer it's the sweetest sound on earth?Would any Christian say that let alone a President after 9/11?The victims of 9/11 are turning over in their graves.Clawmeister is a good for nothing know nothing big mouth who was lucky bubbi and zayda were born before him.

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    • A vast majority simply do not share your opinions as seen by the Presidential Election results of 2012. Karl Rove and Dick Morris, in particular, basically lied to the Republican Campaign and convinced all who chose to listen that the Republicans owned the election and would prevail. Karl Rove's SuperPAC wasted $300 Million on various Republican candidates and got nothing for the money, nothing.

      Governor Romney bought into that and went into November 6th still convinced of a Republican win. And it was not until Ohio was called for President Obama that the reality of the loss became overwhelming obvious that of the 9 swing states he'd carried only North Carolina. Governor Romney then had to face that fact and had no graceful concession speech prepared (just in case). Which left him scrambling for well more than an hour before coming before the Nation. And only underscored how badly mislead he had been.

      The Repulican Governor's understand the issues which caused this disaster. Governor Jindal (Louisiana) and Governor Martinez (New Mexico) are the right people going forward for the Republican Party. Governor Christie (New Jersey) proves himself a good leader under extremely bad circumstances in his State. Talent is there, clearly.

      Getting distance from the ultra right wing minority including "birthers" and "Tea Party" appears the priority and for good reason. Selecting a better candidate on all levels places that priority where it needs to be - up front. No more stupid remarks from chosen candidates can be tolerated by the Republican Party if they are to regain a leadership role. Stay "on message" going forward.

      The Republican campaign machine being relied upon to get out the vote on Nov 6th, totally collapsed and left campaign workers in the field without the needed information to effectively support the vote. Look up "ORCA" for that story.

      The Republican Party lost seats in both the Senate and the House of Representatives - when they were certain they would gain seats. Between today and the 2014 election, the Republicans absolutely must change course or they will, without much doubt, lose control of the House of Representatives.

      President Obama's direct intervention in recent days resulted in the cease fire between Israel and the Palestians. Using the President of Egypt as the point man worked as it should. With Secretary Clinton on ground in Israel providing the face to face representation for the United States. I've watched this entire situation unfold and have not heard one negative word toward the involvement of President Obama. His leadership continues universally praised by both sides.

      Domestically. It's past time for all the ugliness and nastiness left over from the Presidential Campaign to go away. The Democrats prevailed with the better message to the Nation. Now's the time for the Republican's to step up and be part of solutions and get their collective feet out of concrete. That "concrete" is holding not only the Republican Party back but the Nation also.

      The next couple weeks on Capital Hill will be interesting, to say the least.

    • Gary,
      Thank you I am glad that someone besides myself remembers these things O'Bama has said and done.. I do remember Cairo and it sickened me to no end. I as a Christian would not say that and do not support any "president" who would make a statement like that. God Bless You Gary...

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