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  • makingthedoe2day makingthedoe2day Feb 5, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    who bought at 40.25 besides claw


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    • Here's your problem loveLOSINGmoney, you're not very bright and you revert you the same inane childish posts.

      Why would I buy stock when I have an option position?

      Again, any nornmal person who had been stupid enough to go against the tide and short M would have the sense to shut up and not look like a total jerk. But you have made a career out of being a total jerk on Yahoo.

      Keep playing the role of childish perverted twerp. I think most posters assume you are some adolescent with too much time on your hands. Odf course, you're not. You are legally an adult, but mentally and emotionally you aren't.

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