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  • nunziojm nunziojm Aug 29, 1998 1:11 PM Flag

    need info

    I have one share of FD issued in 1983 when I was
    employed in one of their stores. I'm interestyed in
    selling this cert. without going thru a broker. I've
    never received any dividends or have any knowledge of
    stock splits. Anyone with info. please advise.

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    • If you've got a single FD share issued in 1983
      you probably need to call a broker to find out what
      it's worth (if anything). Reason being: I believe they
      re-issued ALL their stock when the came out of chapter 11
      in the early 90's. I know for sure that they were
      NOT allowed to stay on active trading while they were
      in chapter 11 but I don't recall if that wiped out
      all the existing stock holders rights or not or if
      there was a procedure to get new stock issue. Here
      again a broker may be your best bet.

    • It won't take too long for everyone to figure out
      that the only way FD increases profit is by decreasing
      cost - like sales people.<<

      Too true.
      Check out my posts from months ago. in the first 10
      posts on the board, I said FD was topped out at 50. And
      heading down. Increasing profit by cutting costs is an
      experiment gone bad by many f500 companies. This is a
      classic case of a bunch of MBA's counting $ and
      performing accounting 101. Gee bobby, if we cut 5 sales
      people out here we can be in the black. It's short
      sighted management at it's best.

      These clowns will
      never learn that it's a blend of marketing, operations
      and product that serves the best interests of the
      stock holder. Not 365 day accounting wonders. Nordstrom
      etal will always be profitable, because they
      understand how this is done. FD's days are


    • if i were you, i would hold your one share. It
      wouldn't do you any good if you got your cash for it.
      Instead, buy more! This is a great time to acquire stock
      in this very vital corporation. Abby Joseph Cohen (
      she really knows what she's talking about ! ) has
      recommended this stock. When Abby Joseph Cohen talks,people
      listen------let a word to the wise be sufficient !
      Let me
      repeat: Sell=Bad Buy=Good

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