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  • favela808 favela808 Jul 12, 2011 6:44 PM Flag

    Oh! gets better!..., now, "Razor"'s just a post...put down the take a deeeep breath and a couple of haldol...have you found your happy spot yet?...gooooooood!'ll all be better someday...NOT!!!...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!...

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    • Thank you favela, it is just a post. I bought this stock an the advice of a friend after someone he knew was treated on longisland. Sounded good, looked into it was pretty cheap, they made a profit for the first time in years, so what the heck, take a shot. Started seeing posts on the different sites, read as many as I couls stand, and asked a few simple questions. I figure if a guy who holds himself out as some kind of doctor, and chat room expert, what does he know. what happened to make him take a dump on this 5 times a day. Has he used it, maybe someone he knows did ? He seems to get pretty personal, did he work for them in the past ?
      or just being a dick, with way to much time on his hands. BTW look up (hee,)(hee,) (haw,)(haw,)(haw,)on google, could be just another JACKASS !!

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      • He has been beating up this company and launched personal attacks on everyone involved in the company for over a year. He bashes every institution and doctor that has or is conducting research including the Mayo Clinic. He's not a former employee because he does the same thing with other companies as well.

        In my view he is a professional spammer. Professional because he's paid, his conduct is far from professional. Either he has or works for someone who has a large naked short position.

        You can tell by his recent posts, he's in trouble after the company received the CPT 3 code approval and the Korean FDA approved the device.

        His recent reply to you today shows how desperate he is.

        As you know 1st hand the device works and is going to change the world of pain.

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