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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Sep 19, 2011 5:50 PM Flag

    I'm telling'ya CTT...

    ...needs some work on its public relations:

    ...where "LizaJane" says:

    "Also, I'd received an email from a friend asking me about another device called the Calmare. It didn't take much investigation to see that the guy who developed that was a total rip-off artist. I just wasn't sure if he was ripping off Rebuilder or TENS."

    ...why, bless her heart!...but "a total rip-off artist"...Marineo?...I doubt Marineo has sufficient talent to qualify as ANY kind of "artist"...well, maybe a "confabulation artist"...if there is such a thing...

    ...and "ripping off Rebuilder"????...hardly!...Marineo probably isn't smart enough!...if he were, then at leastt CTT could be selling a machine that was reimbursable:


    ...and uh-oh, another "bugzapper didn't work" comment...this time by "SandyRI:

    "Word is that if you have full body RSD it is not successful, but when RSD is limited to just one limb there is somewhat of a success rate. A good friend went there for quite a while for her feet (one foot is much worse than the other). It was expensive and not successful in the long term."

    ...and from D'Amato's neck of the woods no less! disappointing!...

    ...hmmmmmmm..."expensive and not successful" isn't the kind of phrase that makes for good publicity and lines of eager customers in front of bugzapper clinics, is it now? I'm up to about three NEGATIVE comments about the bugzapper on the pain boards...about 13-14 "no effect" comments...and ONE positive comment that is a year old...if anyone is keeping score...

    ...and the quote is from:

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