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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Sep 20, 2011 11:45 AM Flag

    What happened to...

    ..."snotscout"?...just about the time I'm starting to have some fun with him, he up and disappears!...I loved the time he went on one pain board to try and pump the bugzapper and ended up getting flamed to high heaven and ultimately kicked of DESPITE his crawling back and begging forgiveness!...HAW!...that had to hurt!...

    ...and his latest escapade is trying to find at least ONE more positive post on the pain forums about the bugzapper...and he thought he found it in "stubby" and was so enraptured in the throes of a bugzapper pumping orgasm that he DIDN'T bother to READ ALL of the guy's what does he do but rush on here and ihub blathering away about his "discovery"...

    ...only to meet his comeuppance when I point out that "stubby" ULTIMATELY DISSES the bugzapper:

    ...where he said:

    "I would not recommend Calmare Therapy to amputees however, which is sad for me to say considering the money we spent on it."

    ...HAW!!!...that's rich!...I bet poor old "snotscout" probably wept when he read that!...HAW!!!...and then what does he do but post "but, but, but stubby first said" in a half dozen more posts! it really mattered what stubby "first" said when, ULTIMATELY, stubby went away telling everyone he DIDN'T RECOMMEND using the bugzapper!...HAW!...I ALMOST felt sorry for "snotscout"!...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!...

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    • ..."My father recently suffered from advanced prostate cancer..."????...yeah,'ve only shared this story what, maybe two or three HUNDRED times over the past couple of years...but between it and your "tortious interference" threats, I don't know which one is more BORING!... about coming up with some POSITIVE comments about the bugzapper from the pain forums?...goodness knows "snotscout" isn't having any luck!...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!...

    • Stubby recommended Calmare therapy to everyone he knew and was even handing out brochures for the Spero Clinic. Yes he had to pay for it out of pocket since he had treatment back in January and the AMA didn't assign the CPT code until July (ignorant of you to bring this up).
      In regards to Stubby's treatment, he got incredible relief from Calmare therapy. He was able to live his life again, enjoy time with his family, and even got a new job.
      - "I walked up and down the hall 5 times after the treatment and my pain level was at about a 1!!! I was so excited. We left the office with next to no pain and I actually got to take my wife and my dog around the block for a walk and a bit of a run!"
      - "After 45 minutes, we were done and I was at a wonderful 0!!! I told my wife when she asked me how I was doing that I could do cartwheels down the hall."
      - "We are going to go four-wheeling now, so I am super excited. I haven't been out four-wheeling without pain for years and years. Today I am leaving the clinic at a 0. So very exciting."
      Unfortunately, Stubby's new job required 2-3 miles of walking which negated all of the relief he got because he developed a neuroma and bursitis. Since Calmare does not replace surgery, he had to go in for surgery for the neuroma and bursitis. Yes, he was disappointed since he had been doing great thanks to Calmare but the neuroma and bursitis ruined all of his work. And he did have to pay for it out of pocket as I noted why above (before CPT codes were assigned by the AMA). Yes, he said it's not recommended for people who require surgery but he still recommended it for people with phantom limb pain. You can be ignorant about all of his recommendations and focus on the post-surgery comment but even then he still recommended it for people suffering from pain. Let's review his pre-surgery statements (before the neuroma and bursitis):
      - "I am doing really well. Now comes the really hard part, getting off the pain meds."
      - "I have started my new job and I actually did a ton of walking today. The only pain I have is in my good foot and in my thigh because they are not used to so much exercise. I am so happy."
      - "My wife and I have been telling everyone we can about this new therapy. We are hoping some of you that have been reading my posts tell anybody you know that has nerve pain." (pay close attention to that quote razor!)
      - "We gave the pain clinic some brochures on the therapy and they told us they would call Dr. Chalmers. We are happy to help any of his business because he is helping people so much through this therapy." (more recommendations, razor)
      - "All in all, my wife and I are doing so good because I am feeling so good. It is wonderful to be free of the chains that have been tying me down for so long."
      Finally razor, did you read this one? Stubby said: "I highly recommend that you call this doctor and make the trip if you are having phantom/nerve issues and have not figured out a better approach."
      Recommendation after recommendation. Calmare worked great for him. He returned to a normal pain-free life thanks to Calmare. He said over and over how happy he was and how is telling everyone about it. The ensuing neuroma and bursitis were a setback and he felt let down that the Calmare couldn't help with that (he tried booster sessions but he really required surgery at that point). Even having to endure surgery, he still recommended Calmare for pain - and that's what it's for! "My wife and I believe that it is a good therapy if all you have is phantom pain." That's the key - "if all you have is pain". If you have anything else (neuroma, bursitis, etc) you need surgery - not Calmare.

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      • ...HAW!!!!...I knew my post would bring ya'back!...HAW!...and you're STILL posting that "but...but...but he got better" nonsense!...HAW!!!...that BOTTOM LINE must have REALLY hurt:

        "I would not recommend Calmare Therapy to amputees however, which is sad for me to say considering the money we spent on it."

        ...HAW!!!...I know that's killing'ya!...but son, I'm tellin'ya to put it behind ya already!...put it behind'ya and get on back in front of that screen and try to find just ONE positive comment -- BEYOND the ONE that already exists -- about the bugzapper!...and this time read ALL the posts so you don't end up with one where the poster finally recommends people NOT use it!!!...HAW!!...otherwise you're just end up again looking like the poster boy for Down's syndrome!...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!...

    • I'm sad for all those people that you've dissuaded from using Calmare without you ever talking with a doctor or patient who has used the device.Now why wouldn't you do some DD before expressing such a strong opinion? Because you are a paid spammer.And you're not the 1st that has done TORTIUOS INTERFERENCE.


      CHARLESTON, S.C., Sep 1, 2011 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Revolutions Medical Corporation (otcqb:RMCP) ("Revolutions Medical" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that today, the Company obtained an order from the South Carolina Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Common Pleas, finding that Philip Maurice "Marty" Hicks ("Hicks") is liable for defaming the Company, its Chief Executive Officer, Ron Wheet, and its President, Tom O'Brien, by engaging in a cyber-smear campaign.

      According to the Company's complaint, Hicks, aka Tazmanian353 or Taz, made a series of false and defamatory statements about the Company and its employees on Yahoo! Finance and Raging Bull message boards between January 2006 and September 2010, including that Mr. Wheet "lied in official documents" and made unspecified "fraudulent misleading statements," and the Company itself was a mere "shell company" without any legitimate operations that had registered "no patents." The complaint alleged that these statements were false and defamatory because, among other things, the Company owns valuable patents (either granted or pending) for its auto retractable safety syringe and certain medical imaging technology. The Company's Chief Executive Officer, Ron Wheet, described the order as a "great victory for our shareholders."

      The order was entered as a sanction against Hicks based on his refusal to give deposition testimony, answer interrogatories, produce documents or otherwise comply with his discovery obligations in the litigation.

      The Company also wishes to comment on pervasive short selling of its stock. As previously noted by Buyins.Net, a provider of Regulation SHO compliance monitoring and short sale trading statistics, approximately 17.36 million shares of the Company's stock have been shorted since August 2009, and short selling has comprised approximately 36% of daily trading volume. Although Hicks' evasive tactics prevented the Company from obtaining evidence in the litigation against him, other information possessed by the Company leads it to suspect that Hicks' message postings may be part of a "short and distort" campaign intended to injure the Company and its shareholders and to generate profits for short sellers. The Company has compelling evidence that Hicks communicated with short sellers and his postings were then used to perpetuate false information to the investment community.

      Based on entry of the order, the Company intends both to pursue monetary damages and file complaints with the South Carolina Attorney General's Office and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regarding possible violations of state and federal securities laws by Hicks and other short sellers.

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      • ...HAW!!...I swear you and "driverstupid" have posted that "TORTIUOS INTERFERENCE" (sic) article about a dozen times now, haven't ya?...don't you think it's getting a tad old?...especially since you're aiming it at me and I could care less since NOTHING I've posted is false and pretty much everything I've posted is readily verifiable via internet links that I usually punt posting that article's B-O-R-I-N-G!...HAW!!...

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