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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Sep 20, 2011 1:44 PM Flag

    HAW!!!!...gotta laugh!... a previous post, while ranting about "tortious interference," "favella" says:

    "We could start with Bug Zapper and end with slandering the inventor and The Mayo Clinic."

    ...even though "tortious interference" REQUIRES false and/or misleading statements -- which, of course, I have NEVER made about appellation "bugzapper" is merely a reflection of my OPINION of all that the LIAR Marineo's device is good for...

    ...and my accusation of Marineo being a LIAR is supported my piles of evidence -- him claiming a "MD, PhD" in place at one time and claiming "MD, DSc" in another place another time, CTT claiming he has ONLY a "PhD"(but refusing to substantiate even that CLAIM), the disappearance of "MD" in his latest paper, no CV available, etc, etc...

    ...and the Mayo Clinic?...I don't recall EVER saying anything bad about the Mayo Clinic...although Mayo has been known to do some obnoxious things:

    w w w . s c i e n c e b a s e d m e d i c i n e . o r g /i n d e x . p h p/uff-da-the-mayo-clinic-shills-for-snake-oil/ has nevertheless put together a very good website to help people assess claims about therapies:

    w w w . m a y o c l i n i c . c o m / health/ alternative-medicine/ SA00078

    ...well, doggone, would you look at their one piece of advice:

    "Look for the high-quality clinical studies. These large, controlled and randomized trials..."

    ...go Mayo Clinic!!...but, of course, the bugzapper automatically FAILS on that count since there are NO LARGE, RANDOMIZED, APPROPRIATELY CONTROLLED studies that demonstrate the bugzapper is good for ANYTHING -- not even BUGZAPPING!!...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!...

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    • Here is a great example of tortiuos interference:

      Are buddy Razor was taken to task by the host of the talk show:


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      Please check your facts; The Calmare treatment IS NOT like a Tens unit.
      I interviewed not only a doctor that has been using it for years on many different pain conditions and I also spoke directly to patients (not all of the same doctor).

      Nothing works for everyone...not medications, surgery, ketamine, or Calmare therapy.

      When I did the radio show about Calmare, I took callers; I asked for both sides; the good and/or the bad. I also took remarks and questions from my chatroom during the live broadcast.

      Please show me the facts: I have never found any incidence of harm from this therapy. In the 1st session, it can be determined whether or not it will help you. Have you seen any studies to back up your accusations it can harm people?

      I would also love to interview ANYONE that would like to talk about their personal experience with Calmare therapy; so if you know all these people who had bad reactions, please give them my email:

      Your remarks here, without proper verification of the FACTS, may possibly prevent a person from even investigating this treatment for themselves.

      It is our duty to research everything for ourselves. Before you consider any treatment, research, research, research.

      You have to be your advocate! Then, make up your own mind. I never believe everything I read on the internet.

      09/20/2011 10:47 AM Top

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      I just saw your post after I wrote a reply. I did not realize he was a spammer; I saw red when I read this post.
      To dismiss ANY type therapy without doing your own research is unwise. You could possible overlook the one therapy that helps you.

      • 1 Reply to favela808
      • ...and I posted my answer over there:

        " addendum re: "I have never found any incidence of harm from this therapy."???...well, how hard did you look: detail.cfm?mdrfoi__id=1942154

        ...where it says:

        "Dr (b)(6) of (b)(6) treated (b)(6) with calmare therapy -mc-5a- causing intense pain and (b)(6) required treatment by the hospital emergency room. This is not the first time that i have learned of treatment by the calmare therapy -mc-5a- increased and intense pain. What is very concerning is that dr (b)(6) is the most experienced and trained doctor in the u. S. With the calmare therapy -mc-5a-. Dr (b)(6) has trained other doctors on this device at (b)(6) medical center and universities. In prior events, it was believed to be due to operator error by the doctor. In this case, it is very unlikely to be operator error. The cause is most likely due to the calmare -mc-5a- device. Calmare therapy -mc-5a- several adverse events have been reported with this device increasing the intensity of the pt's pain. Event abated after use: no. Event reappeared after reintroduction: yes."

        ...or how about:

        ...where "alaska49" says:

        "I have read about and have gone through the therepy. I have full body and internal rsd and for me it caused more pain then help. I dreaded every visit and in the end really depressed me as the shocking it gives the body really hurts. I went through 2 weeks and then stopped. I now have a heart condition that the specialist say the acutual therepy is the cause and he has 8 more patients that had full body and after the therepy which made them worse too they have the then too developed the same heart disease. So my doctors are warning RSD patient if your full body to really be careful and if they do, do the treatment that if after like 2-3 and it causes pain to discontinue it."

        ...or how about:

        ...where "stubby" gives advice:

        "I would not recommend Calmare Therapy to amputees however, which is sad for me to say considering the money we spent on it. My wife and I believe that it is a good therapy if all you have is phantom pain. However, that is really hard to tell and this therapy costs a lot."

        ...must I continue?..."

        ...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!...

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