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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Sep 20, 2011 6:27 PM Flag

    HAW!!...don't you love it...

    ...when you get the last shot in before they close a thread:

    ...HAW!!...too bad though...I was hoping that dimwit interviewer, Trudy whatshername, would come back and argue a little...but she apparently punted after I showed her up after all her babbling about doing research but "never found any incidence of harm from this therapy"...I even included links so she could check them out herself!...I am soooooooo generous!...HAW, HAW, HAW!!!!...

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    • Here is the funniest thing of all:

      Here's a quote from RTZMD:

      ...I guarantee I have NO financial interest in EITHER the success or failure of the motivation comes solely from being so thoroughly disgusted at what these people are trying to do in attempting to take advantage of the naivety of people in desperate search of something to relieve their pain...and I DON'T object to anyone trying the device AS LONG AS their decision is WELL to your family doctor BEFORE spending your money...

      That might be the biggest lie ever told.

      I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair. HAW! HAW! HAW!

    • Now please take it to the facebook message boards versus the doctor instead of some woman in a wheelchair who can't use her hand (yet still types somehow, go figure)

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      • ...hey, I said that if YOU go Rutherford's facebook page and commit them to debating me WITHOUT deleting my posts the way the chickensh_ts do whenever I post on their youtube sales pitch videos, I'll be MORE than happy to go there and rip them holes in places they never imagined possible... also cracks me up on seekingalpha, "David Greene" posted how he wanted to "rationally discuss" the "issues" and then when I "rationally" posted some questions, the chickensh_t shill wouldn't respond!...HAW!!...go figure!...

        ..."instead of some woman in a wheelchair"????...what difference does that make?...I did notice the ignorant b_tch is from Utah -- probably yet ANOTHER of Kocherans relatives...

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